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You Kent Go Home Again
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Previously on Smallville: Clark activated a "Kryptonian relic" that sent him into an alternate reality where he was Lionel Luthor's son and Tess's brother. At the same time, Clark Luthor traded places with him and wreaked havoc on the more familiar reality. Unlike Clark Kent, Clark Luthor had the hots for his sister and bore a scar on his wrist that Lex gave him with gold kryptonite. Also, he was a little more violent than the Kent version. The alternative Lionel followed Clark back to the familiar reality, where he's now alive and well, albeit dethroned by Tess.

Currently on Smallville: Can you believe this show will be over in a few hours? It should have ended years ago, but this season's been pretty decent. I might actually miss it when it's gone. At her Daily Planet desk, Lois is burning the midnight oil and then some. The little digital clock on her desk reads 4:44 as her head slumps forward onto her arm. There's a whoosh and some paper flutters. Several red takeout cartons appear on the desk, one of them still spinning in place. It must be full of Tasmanian Devil dumplings. Lois groggily picks up her head and sees Clark sitting across from her. "How was your day?" he asks. "That depends; what day is it?" she asks in return. Note that Clark isn't wearing his new glasses, even though it's almost five in the morning in a newspaper office and at least some people would be in there. As they chitchat over Chinese food, we learn that Lois has been putting in extra hours trying to snag a promotion. When she's doubtful over this course of action, Clark reminds her that he's seen her future in journalism. Where he hasn't been seeing her is back home at the farm. "You haven't been home five nights this week," he says, with surprisingly little whining. She reminds him that he's been "cavorting around Bangkok" lately. In his defense, he says he's been helping out after the floods there.

As they eat and tease, Clark goes through his mail. A letter from his mom says Conner's doing great in D.C. Did they really ship him off to stay with Martha? The super-busy politician? She's also sent them the deed to the farm, now signed over to the future marrieds. They're both stunned. "That's so... thoughtful," Lois manages to say. Lois wonders if Martha wants them to live there while Clark wonders if they're meant to sell it, what with all the commuting they've been doing lately. (And for the last ten years.) Why don't you just call and ask her? Or, hell, if Clark can zip off to Bangkok every night, surely popping off to Washington would be a simple task. Instead, they sit there looking sad and confused in silence for a while.

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