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Town square street. Lex's smooth silver car, with the license plate "Lex I," is parked. Chloe (her arm in a sling), Clark, and Lana are walking along. Chloe is cherishing her freedom from the HMO system. She says she's thinking about doing an exposé about how bad it is to be in the hospital. Yeah. And it's even worse when you're sick, Chloe. Chloe asks about Jocko. Lana says he's "taking it one day at a time." Enough! We get the damn drug metaphor. Let's move it along. Nothing to see here. Chloe says that nobody found any of the tattoo ink at the scene of the criminal capture, so she smells a cover-up. She's on her way to the police station. Clark says it's good to have her back. She runs down the street, hair bouncy. Lana says Lex is early, and she's on her way to meet him again. Clark wishes her luck.

Inside the theater, Lex is waiting for Lana. How did he get in? He says he was surprised by her call. Lana says that this time she's prepared. She hands him what I guess is her Trapper Keeper full of her blithering scribbles about her parents. Or a business plan, I guess. She shows Lex a sketch of what she wants to do: revitalize downtown by creating a social center that isn't called The Beanery. She wants the theater to be a café-restaurant and a local venue for rock bands and art-house movies. So she wants to drive The Beanery out of business and have a place where the crappy bands that the WB shoves into the show can have a place to perform in person. Wonderful. Great. Just shoot me in the head now. Lana talks about historical landmarks and tax benefits as Lex pretends to look at her business plan. (While ignoring her "I [heart] ponies!" stickers.) Lana says Nell can manage the place, and Lana can help. Lex asks how Lana came up with this. Lana says Clark mentioned that Lex likes people to rise to his challenges. Or just to rise, in some cases. Lex says Lana rose to the challenge in this case; he says it's a deal. Through this entire exchange, he doesn't show an inkling of joy or humor. I think he doesn't like Lana much, either. He says this could be the beginning of an interesting partnership. Crappy strummy music comes up as Lana becomes all happy. Lana smiles. Then after Lex leaves, she smiles some more. Then she looks to the right, looks down, looks confused, frowns a little, and, whup, the episode is over. I have no idea what that was all about. I'm just glad it's over.

Next time: rerun. Then? The long-awaited "Zero" episode. See you then.

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