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Harvey Wallgangers

Chloe quickly runs out of the room. One of the thugs is there in the hall, waiting for her.

We cut back to Clark in the chokehold. His struggling hand is turning mottled and green-veined -- a sign that there are kryptonite plot rocks around. A weakened Clark gets punched in the breadbox.

Chloe, in the hall, is grabbed by a hooligan. She grabs the guy's arm and sees a brightly glowing green tattoo that looks like a bunch of lines going out from a hub in a vaguely octagonal shape. She gives the thug the elbow in the gut and stomps on his foot. Feisty little filly, isn't she? Well, she is until the guy grabs her and tosses her through a stained-glass window.

The thugs grab their army duffel bags and take off, leaving Clark on the ground.

Outside, we see Chloe literally hanging on the ledge. She calls out for Clark.

Inside, Clark hears her cry and says, "Chloe!" He runs toward the window.

Oops. Too late. Chloe falls straight back for what looks like miles and lands flat on the ground. When Clark gets to the window, he sees her on the grass with her neck looking all twisted. "Chloe!" he yells.

Opening credits. Somebody should have saved Chloe.

A hospital room of amazingly inappropriate bright colors. The machine that goes "Ping!" is failing to ping at the moment, but a heart monitor is going along just fine. Chloe is lying in bed, her eyes raccooned up like she's doing a Lana Lang impression. Her arm is in a sling. Clark is in the corner, watching Chloe sleep; he looks nervous and out-of-sorts. Over the hospital PA, somebody calls for a Dr. Kravitz. Lenny shout-out, I know. Lex walks in with his shirt and sports coat, telling Clark not to worry; he's brought in the best doctors from Metropolis. Doctor Octopus, Dr. No, Dr. Toby Feelgood. The crack medical team. Clark asks how bad it is. Lex tells Clark they're not sure, but that they know it's a broken arm and a concussion. Well, isn't that all they need to know? What, do they think she developed a brain tumor from the fall? Oh, wait, they want to make sure there's no brain swelling. Is that a subtle dig at Tom Swelling? Supermope does what he does best. Lex says this isn't Clark's fault. Somewhere in China, a train just derailed and Clark is feeling sad about that, too. Clark says he doesn't know what happened. He asks if the police have leads. Lex says he's one of at least a dozen burglary victims in the county. Why did they wait so long to hit Lex? Isn't he the richest guy in the "county"? Lex says the hooligans get in and out without busting a lock and that they tried to break into the Smallville bank. He never says why it was only an "attempted" robbery. Lex says they tripped up an alarm inside the bank vault. Clark asks if Lex's booty (the money kind, not the bulbous fleshy kind) is traceable. Lex says that he didn't report his stolen stuff to the police; he adds that he only cares what happens to the people who did this to Chloe. He vows, in his elegant way, to make it Payback Time for those rampaging shitclowns. Clark asks Lex what "dealing with them accordingly" means. Lex says Clark should let him worry about it. Along with the bills, the housekeeping, the cooking, the white picket fence. Dammit, Clark, just go away with Lex already! Last shot of beaten-up Chloe on the bed. She looks like characters do on soap operas when they're about to get surgery to assume a new identity.

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