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These Nuts

The Talon. Clark walks in and looks around the room. He spots Lana at the counter; she's wearing a white coat and picking up a cup of what I hope isn't coffee. No caffeine, lady! Lana says that Clark looks like he's got something on his mind. He asks if it's that obvious. Lana says that he doesn't hide his feelings as well as he thinks. Clark tries to ask about her pregnancy. Lana says she's fine, adding that everything's fine. "Good," Clark lies. She asks what that look in his eye was. Clark scoffs. He says he had a dream about Lana the night before. She hopes it wasn't a nightmare. It sort of was. Clark says that they were ten, and he gave her a plastic ring from Quinn's Market. "Sweet," she says. Pretty flirty right here, Lana asks what the occasion was. Clark says that it was an engagement ring. Lana asks what happened next. Clark says that he woke up. Sadly. Lana just wants to get her hot water and get out of there. "Lana," says Lex, standing nearby. "I should have guessed the delay wasn't your herbal tea," he adds, walking past Clark and kissing Lana. She kisses back. "Clark," says Lex. "It's good to see you out and about, Lex," says Clark. We have a blog at my work that used to deal a lot with gay issues called "Out and About." Not implying anything here. Just sayin'. Lex says that Clark actually sounded convincing saying that: "I appreciate the civility." Lex asks Lana if she's ready to go; he says that they don't want to keep the wedding planner waiting. Lana says that she and Clark were just saying goodbye. For six seasons. Clark looks glum. Lana and Lex walk off. The strummy alt-crap music plays. Lana turns in slow motion and looks to Clark. You broke up! We go to blackout, of course. Everyone just wishes the coffee shop could have been up in the barn somehow.

Next week: Lois is back. Hide your liquor.

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