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These Nuts

The snowy grounds outside. If Clark had to run at normal speed all the time, this show would have to be two hours long every week. A guard chases Clark, and fires a shot into the air, yelling, "Stop!" Clark finally does so. Pointing the gun at Clark, the guard tells Clark to put his hands behind him. Just then, a blue car drives up and swerves around. Clark takes the opportunity to overpower the guard and punch him out. The passenger door of the nearby car opens. Clark looks behind him. Murky barks. Two more guards in suits are running toward Clark. Clark gets into the car. Chloe is in the driver's seat; she smiles at Clark and takes off. Ten minutes later, one of the guards decides to fire his gun. Little late there, buddy. But at least you got your shoes all wet.

In the back alley behind The Talon, Chloe's car skids to a stop after driving at a quick clip. As they get out, Clark asks Chloe how she found him. She says she's been in "GPS mode" ever since her contact IMed her about the breakout that morning. Yeah, that didn't really answer the question, but it did use a few acronyms. As Chloe digs in the trunk of her funky little blue car, Clark says that he can't stay, and that he doesn't want to involve Chloe. She says that she's already involved: her life's been turned upside-down by the Luthors, and she's also under the radar. She says that the Luthors are after both of them. Maybe the Luthors are after their Lucky Charms! Chloe tells Clark not to ditch his sidekick until he gets his powers back. Clark says that he's glad to see Chloe; he was beginning to think he might be crazy. "Chin up, Clark," Chloe advises. She says that once they get this story on the front page, both Luthors will be wearing matching orange jumpsuits. Maybe even in jail! Clark says that he has to go see Lex. Chloe asks why he's going to jump back into the devil's lair, adding that Lex is more dangerous than ever. Clark thinks that's all the more reason to stop him now. Chloe thinks Clark will get hurt without his powers. Clark is unconvinced. Chloe says that since Clark's superspeed is out of gas, she has a way to help: "You can take my Yaris." Ew. Maybe Clark would prefer to walk in the snow. Chloe tells Clark to be careful. With the Yaris. It might not make it all the way across town. Clark goes out with the half-smile.

The Metropolis office that used to belong to Papa Luthor. Lex is behind the desk now. Clark strides right in, asking, "Surprised to see me?" Not really, since they should have a security team and cameras all over the building and Clark can't just superspeed past all that. But, sure, why not? Surprise! Lex says that Papa told him Clark was out; he just never thought Clark would have the nerve to show his face. Well, here it is. Pretty, isn't it? Clark says that Lex may have taken his powers, but that he won't let the dude ruin his life. Holding a drink, Lex says, "," and chuckles bitterly. He says that Clark must have that backward, asking if Clark forget about their little run-in on the Loeb Bridge. "When you save someone's life, you tend to remember," Clark says smugly. Really? They don't all blur together sometimes? Lex, pissed off, puts down his drink: "You really think you saved me?" He offers to refresh Clark's memory. Lex, in a wheelchair, wheels himself around the desk: his legs are gone from the knees down. The upshot is that now Lyla Garrity has a crush on Lex. Funky barking noises are heard. Clark takes a few moments to process this, because his mind has just been blown. It doesn't take much. "I have to spend the rest of my life in this chair because of you," says Lex. Clark says that this isn't possible: he was there. Lex says that Clark was the cause of the accident. Clark saw Lex swerving, so Clark jumped in front of Lex's car intending to stop it with his superpowers. When Lex jerked the wheel, his Porsche went end-over-end and wrapped itself around the guardrail. Rough barking murkiness. Clark says it's not possible. Lex says that if it were up to him, Clark would be rotting in jail, but Papa Luthor wanted Clark to go to a mental health facility instead, to impress MamaKent with his kindness. Clark, foregoing sensitivity, points and says, "This is a trick. It's a trick!" Good one, Clark. Lex, angry beyond belief, says, "Really? Open your eyes, you crazy son of a bitch!" Some spittle flies. Lex jerks his wheelchair forward. Clark is stunned. "Does this look like a trick to you!?" Lex yells. He looks at Clark, angry and wounded. Then he looks down, near tears. Worst unannounced visit ever. Lex says that if there's one thing he regrets, it's that he didn't run Clark over. That would have made for a very short first season. More crazy noises. We go to commercials. It's actually at a very dramatic moment this time.

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