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These Nuts

The Yaris! It fights weird animated bugs and plays techno music. Get one if this sounds like the car you should be driving. Also? Oh Jesus Christ, Norbit is coming. Help us.

A door opens. There's paper crap all over the floor. Clark is in a darkened building. There's furniture standing around, covered in plastic. Clark wanders around trying to make sense of his surroundings: it's the remains of The Talon. Lana walks in, saying she knew Clark would come here to see Chloe. "What happened to the coffeehouse?" Clark asks. Lana says that The Talon has been an abandoned movie theater for as long as she can remember. Clark says that this can't be real. There are coffeehouses everywhere! Why not here? Clark asks Lana if it's true that he caused Lex's accident. Lana, not wanting to give a straight answer, says that's all in the past. She asks Clark to come back to the farm with her: "We can get through this." Maybe if you run away to South America. Clark repeats that none of this makes sense: he and Lana aren't together anymore. Lana, creepily putting on a little-girl voice, says that they've been together since kindergarten. She walks to Clark holding out a ring, saying it might help him to remember. She says it's from the gumball machine at Quinn's Market; Clark gave it to her when they were ten years old, saying it was their wedding ring: "And when you put it on my finger and kissed me for the first time, that's when you stole my heart." Clark shakes his head, saying that he doesn't remember. Wow, even in a crazy alien-induced hallucination, this show is still all about Lana. Lana says that Clark suffered so much in the hospital. She said she could see it in his eyes when she visited every weekend, but she never gave up hope that Clark would get better. Close-up of the ring, with a red heart-shaped jewel. That looks pretty fancy for a gumball-machine ring. Clark hands back the ring, saying he doesn't know what's going on, but that Chloe does: "She knows who I am." Lana says that Clark shouldn't see her right now.

More murky barking. Somebody needs to sample that and make a top-40 hit! Clark goes through a door and into the Talon apartment, where the walls are covered with news clippings and the pipe fireplace is on. Chloe sees Clark and says, "Thank God!" He asks what's going on. Chloe, gathering her stuff, says that Lex and his men took everything and are trying to wipe her off the face of the Earth. She says that they have to get out of here. "You know, Lex is in a wheelchair," Clark offers. Yeah, you shouldn't talk bad about him, Chloe. Don't you know political correctness? Chloe says that, with the Luthors, you can't trust anything. She says that she and Clark have to go subterranean (no, not again!) until Clark gets his powers back. Clark's not so sure. He says that nothing is the way it's supposed to be; it's all so crazy. Chloe turns to him: "Listen. We're not crazy!" Except it sounds a little crazy. Brooding music continues to play. "We're not crazy," Chloe repeats, "we're just the only two who know the truth." She says that's why they put them in the mental institution. Er, both of them? Chloe grabs a handgun from a drawer and stuffs it in her bag. Lana walks into the room. "I tried to tell you," she tells Clark. Chloe asks what Lana is doing there. It's her show, silly! Lana says that Chloe was in Fairview with Clark. A co-ed mental institution where Chloe and Clark got to hang out? That doesn't sound right. Chloe says that they put her in that snake pit to shut her up. Lana brings up Chloe's family history of mental illness. Ooh, low blow. Chloe, desperate, says that Lana is just trying to confuse Clark. Lana tells Clark to come with her. She says that they'll get Clark the help he needs. Clark is crazy confused. A dog drowns underwater, barking loudly. Clark looks back and forth. He has no idea what to do. Go for what's in the box! The box, Clark! Chloe figures out Clark's decision before he does: "I should have known you'd never be able to resist her. You never could." Chloe starts to walk out in disgust, but stops next to Lana. She says that if Lana's there, "they" can't be far behind. Clark runs after Chloe, following her down the stairs, asking her to stay so that they can figure this out. Chloe says she knows about Clark, and that they're going to kill her for it. She says she has to go. Two of Lex's men enter the room, blocking her way. They tell Clark to take it easy. Chloe pulls out her gun in slow motion. So do the henchmen. One of them fires. Chloe is shot just as Clark is about to move forward and try to not use his powers to not block the bullet. Chloe turns to Clark, falling down as Clark tries to hold her. Gasping, Chloe says, "Clark. I'm not crazy!" "No," says Clark. Chloe sputters. "No!" Clark says roughly. Nooooo! Chloe dies. Clark is almost crying. He says Chloe's name a few times. More aquatic growling.

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