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We cut right to Clark back at the mental ward. He's wearing a straitjacket. "This can't be real," he says to himself. Oh, how I wish that were true. He tries to convince himself that Chloe couldn't have died. Dr. Accent, holding a chart, takes off his glasses and says that he's sorry. Sorry that you're so crazy! Ah ha ha! Oh, mental ward humor. Dr. Accent knows how much Clark cared about his friend. "The hell do you want from me?" Clark asks. The doc says he wants Clark to have a happy, healthy life, and that he will after this treatment. Clark says that he's not going to do it, yelling, "I know who I am!" Accent doesn't think Clark does. He says that Clark's name is "Clark Kent," not "Kal-El": "And Jor-El isn't your father." Nooooo! As thunder plays on the soundtrack, Accent holds up a cheap-looking dispenser of liquid soap. It reads, "Jorel Antibacterial Soap. Made with pure jojoba oil." Ha! Clark's dad attributed his long life to clean living. Clark is like, "Whaaaa!?" How did he pull "Jarnelle" out of that soap's name? A woman's voice on an intercom tells "Dr. Fine, Dr. Milton Fine" to report to the third floor, stat. The doctor drones on about the mind protecting itself from emotional pain. Clark notices details around the room -- a set of books, an Employee of the Month flyer, a stack of magazines -- as the doctor talks. Accent says that Clark has taken bits of his surroundings and created a universe where he feels secure. It's called "La-La Land." Doc says that, in a world where Clark has no power, he chose to give himself superpowers. Does Clark have the power to shut this guy up already?

We get more detailed shots of what Clark saw. The shelf with books contains one called Fortress Of Solitude: A Prison Memoir. I guess the Jonathan Lethem version would have been too cutesy. Clark turns and sees a magazine called The Phantom Zone: Exploring the Recesses of the Human Mind. Next, he examines a bulletin board, on which are Polaroids of patients with names including "Victor Stone" and "Arthur Curry." Clark turns again. The Employee of the Month is a guy in a cap named "Oliver Queen." The nurse who dispensed meds earlier walks in. The doctor greets her. Clark is somehow able to see all the way across the room to the tiny lettering on her ID badge, which reads, "Raya. Nursing." Raya is nursing!? "That'll be all, Raya," the doctor says after signing a chart. Clark notices a sign that reads, "Building Capacity 331." There's a stain in the shape of a period between the 33 and the 1." The doctor picks up a jagged piece of green rock that Clark just noticed, and says that it's a meteor rock from Smallville. Clark jumps out of his chair and backs away, scared. The doctor steps forward, saying it's all right. The rock doesn't hurt Clark: "It's not what you call Kryptonite." More funky barking sounds. Clark, clammy, asks if Chloe is really dead. The doctor says he's sorry, adding that he'll get the treatment ready. Bark, bark. Clark slumps to the floor. He looks very tired. Don't worry, dude. Only one more season to go! The camera pulls away as we get one more bark and some dramatic oomph sounds.

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