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Tell Lara I Love Her

We flash back to Kara and Lara's Crazy Earth Adventure. Inside the Kent kitchen, Kara is finally worried about getting caught. She asks if the Kents are home. Lara says they're at a "spiritual celebration called church." Kara says it smells much nicer in here. Lara sees in the oven that they're cooking Sunday roast. She sighs loudly. She thinks it's peaceful compared to Krypton. A true home. Kara, bouncing to the living room, thinks it's small and cluttered. She sees a figurine of a rooster. Lara warns her to be careful and not leave any trace of their visit. Lara doesn't want to influence them and make them feel insecure about raising her child. Kara asks if the baby has a name. Lara moans, "Noooo." She says they haven't had time to discuss that. Kara says that the kid will be so far away that their sun will be nothing but a distant star. She suggests "Kal-El," so that when he looks to the sky, he could think of them. Lara thinks that's a beautiful name.

Lara sees some family photos. She picks up one of MamaKent, looking young and totally hot! She says the woman will make a good mother Kara figures out how to use a Polaroid camera and snaps a photo of Lara. Oops! She asks if Lara doesn't want her son to have a picture of her. Lara thinks they should hide it somewhere. She hides it in the same frame with MamaKent's picture. Sneaky! Just then, the front door is blown off its hinges. It's crazy-ass Zor-El! And his cheek is twitching. I think it's time to finish your dinner, because when this guy starts chewing, there's not gonna be anything left in sight! Lara, obviously scared, says, "Zor-El!" Hey, what's up? We were gonna rotate all the furniture to totally freak out the humans. It'll be fun! Join in! Flash back to Kara in the chair. "My father!" she says. There's a sudden noise at the lab door. Clark is pushing aside the massive steel door like it's cheese. Carter is amazed. "Get away from her!" Clark says. Carter pulls out a useless gun. Clark sees the IV and goes weak. "You're one of them," Carter marvels. Score. Carter picks up his custom Kryptonite hand clamps and walks toward Clark. He says he figured there were more of them, hiding in plain sight. Clark is taking a squat. He grunts that Kara's gonna die because she's been exposed for too long. Carter says he had to push Kara to her limits. Clark promises to tell Carter everything he needs to know if he disconnects Kara. Carter thinks he'll take them both. Thanks for the offer, though. Clark finds the strength to rush at Carter and push him over a rolling cart. Carter falls, foiled by a tiny spray bottle. Clark goes to unclamp Kara. He pulls the IV out of her arm. He reaches to take off the diodes on her neck, but when he touches one of them, it flashes green. We zoom in on Clark's face as he sees her memories. Can Clark also pick up HBO and Starz?

More flashbacking. Zor-El is pissed. He says he told Kara not to leave Kandor. You need to stay there to absorb the missile blasts, young lady! Don't sass me, either. Lara takes the blame and says she thought Kara could learn something by coming here. Kara says it's not true. Zor-El grabs her roughly by the arm and goes, "DAMMIT!" He tells her to wait outside. Zor-El turns back angrily on Lara, who is trying to calm him down. She says Kara is safe with her. Zor-El does calm down and says he's relieved Lara is here on Earth. Wearing a suit (strange), he says that their planet is close to being destroyed, so there's no reason to return. And me without my space toothbrush. Lara looks at him curiously. Zor-El wants Lara to stay here with him and for them to rule Earth as a family. Kara sticks her head through the open space where the front door used to be. Zor-El tries to get his groove on with Lara. Lara pushes him off and says that Jor-El is her husband and that they're having a child. Zor-El looks stricken. "A son!" Lara tells him.

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