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Tell Lara I Love Her

Commercials. A twist is coming. But really, it's not.

Kent Farm, daytime. We see the photo of MamaKent. Clark and Kara are staring at it. Clark finally opens the frame and takes out the photo of Lara. He can't believe it was there the whole time. Kara says that proves she really was here. Everything she saw was true. Clark ignores Kara's anguish and says that when he saw the image of his mother, she was beautiful, just like in the photo. It is a pretty damned good Polaroid. Clark knows Kara really loved her. She also loved her father. Oops. Until now, she says, she thought he was a god and a hero. But now, she says, she knows he was nothing like that. Clark says that her father did some bad shit, but that in his own twisted way, he loved Kara. Gee, thanks, Clark. All better. Kara feels bummed about finding out the truth. Clark reminds Kara that we're not defined by our parents. Thank goodness for my kid. Clark says he learned from the Kents that we shape our own destiny. Nice, Kryptonian. Kara decides she should stop living in the past and start looking ahead to her future on Earth. She wants friends like Clark. She apologizes for putting Clark in danger. Clark says it's all right, since he knows now how important the crystal was. Kara says she's sorry for the mean things she said about Clark. She's happy to have him in her life. Clark smiles. He's happy to be in her life. Smiles. She's glad Clark got to see his mother. He hopes to see her again someday. Uh-oh.

Lair of Lex. Lex pours himself some Scotch. Papa Luthor comes in. He asks if Lex is striving for complete isolation. He says that's dangerous and that no man is an island entire of itself. Lex says he tried to use the private jet the other night, but Papa had taken it to Washington. He asks where Papa went. Papa says he had some catching up to do. Papa tells Lex that he got some info from the Department of Domestic Security. "There's a new girl in town," he says, "and apparently you are fascinated with her." Lex plays it off like he's not really interested in Kara. He says she only works for him at The Talon. Papa mentions Lana, who also worked there. He asks Lex if it's not time to give up this fixation with Clark and everyone connected with him. He knows! Lex asks if this is his fatherly advice for the day. Papa asks if he can't just take an interest in his son's well being. "Oh, which son is that?" Lex asks bitterly. He says Papa spends as much time protecting Clark as he does pushing Lex away. Ouchies. He asks whose father Papa really is. "I wish I could say yours and be proud," Papa Luthor says. Daggers! Coming out of your mouth! Painful! Papa starts to dig in on Lex's treatment of Lana. Lex says he learned from watching Papa Luthor and his mother. That shuts up Papa. "I was just...being a Luthor," Lex says. Papa warns Lex that he's crossed a line. Lex says that Papa may assume the worst, but that he's not that person anymore. Papa says Lex hides his illicit projects like an expert. Papa crosses to Lex and says that he may fool himself and others, but that he can't fool his dad. He chuckles. "You can never fool me," he warns. Lex is at a loss for more words.

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