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Tell Lara I Love Her

Daily Planet. Jimmy, holding some mail, runs into Kara, who's waiting for him. She says she's sorry for leaving him the night before. Jimmy says he knows what it's like to chase a lead, but he'd be sad if she just wanted him for his computer. Kara says she was so focused on spaceships, she wasn't much of a friend. She follows Jimmy through the newsroom, saying he's been there for her every time. Jimmy finally turns to her. Kara gushes some more about Jimmy being a great guy. Jimmy's impressed with her quick computer skills. He thinks she can do anything. Kara smiles. She offers to treat Jimmy to some Chinese for lunch. Kara kisses him, right on the mouth. "Whoah," Jimmy says. Jimmy goes to get his jacket. On his way, he runs into Chloe, who says he looks chipper. Jimmy says it's nothing. He says it's just a beautiful day. Chloe tries to make nice with him and be friends. She asks if he's doing anything for lunch. Jimmy says he has plans. He glances over at his date. "With Kara?" Chloe asks. Jimmy says it's just lunch. Yeah. All right. You go, Jimmy. Chloe warns Jimmy that this'll sound weird, but that they're from two different worlds. She warns him to be careful. Jimmy says she's from Minnesota, not another planet. Sigh. Are we almost done here? Jimmy goes to lunch. Chloe looks worried. And hurt. She gulps.

Kent Farm. The Barnness of Cloneitude. Clark is leading Lana by the hand. He thanks her for helping him find Kara. She asks what he wants to show her. Clark shows Lana the photo of his mother. He says her name is Lara. Lana says she's "stunning." Lana notices the photo was taken in Clark's house. She asks how that's possible. Clark vows to tell Lana everything. He takes out a box from under a door in the floor. He opens the heavy box. It's the blue crystal. Clark says that inside the crystal is his mother's DNA. Heavy music. We go to black. That was the big twist? Whatever, misleading promos. Bite me.

Next week: Lana has superpowers. Oh, cripes, can we just skip that one? No? Fine. I'll see you next week.

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