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Tell Lara I Love Her

Kara asks if the guy is just a pencil-pusher from the lab across the street. He says he heads up a team of lab technicians outside the city. He lies that they go out into the field a lot. She gives him a flirty look and says she was hoping he was more hands-on. He chuckles. She asks if they've ever investigated anything extraterrestrial. You know, from galaxies far, far away. Embarrassed, he says he really can't be talking about what he does. Our government trusts this guy? Can't say I'm surprised. Kara says that life on other planets is hot. Especially on Mercury. She pretends to walk away, disappointed that he doesn't work with aliens. Nerd Overload tells her to wait. Kara's totally got him by the tiny, tiny balls. We cut to some sort of storage area of the club. Kara throws Nerd Overload against a set of shelves and asks where they found the ship. Turned on, he says they found it somewhere in Kansas. Didn't they give this guy "Beware Of Sexy Spies" training? Kara says this is a total turn-on. It's a shame she's such an advanced form of alien that the only way she can get information out of people is to act like a slut. Nerd Overload tries to get Kara to leave with him. She stops him, asking if they've ever found anything in one of those ships. He wants to take her to his apartment. Hopefully, his parents won't be home. Kara calls him "secret agent man" and asks again what they found. She says if he tells her what he knows, "I'll go wherever you want." I want to go to the Skywalker Ranch! Nerd Overload says it's just some weird crystal they found, and that they're studying it at the lab. He leans to kiss her. She pulls away and asks if he really thinks she can wait until they get to his place. He goes to a table, presumably one he'd like to use for fucking, and says he can make it more comfortable. For him. We hear a whoosh, and Kara is gone. Now Nerd Overload has a pair of blue balls to go with the blue crystal. He's sad. He sighs. Story of his life.

We see Kara walking in at the lab. She's got Nerd Overload's ID badge. There are no guards or security cameras to notice her? They really need to get a bigger fund allocation next year. Inside the lab, Kara goes straight for the crystal's chamber and smashes the glass that was previously hiding it. An alarm goes off. But there's no crystal inside. Oops. Kara is frustrated. All that tarting it up for nothing.

We're now in the office of ISIS. The logo on the wall has what looks like a giant cursive red "L" going over the word. You know that tingle you get in the pit of your stomach when something really evil is about to happen? Yeah, I've got that right now. All the way down to my asshole. This is...this is going to be bad, I think. Hold my hand. A woman sits at a desk messing with her laptop. Chloe comes in, still wearing her work clothes. There's a guy sitting on the couch looking anguished and a girl nearby reading something. It's "Shame" magazine. This month's cover story: "The Numbers Are In: You Do Masturbate More Than Anyone Else." Chloe goes to the receptionist's desk where a woman in a pink sweater vest (dear GOD!) asks if she can help her. Chloe is about to say something, but is interrupted by someone saying "Chloe!" It's Lana, standing there wearing black. GAAAHH! Scared me!

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