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Tell Lara I Love Her

Lana, not at all upset, asks what Chloe is doing here. Chloe is open-mouthed. She says she stumbled across the web site for meteor victims. Chloe says she was there to get an interview, which may or may not be true. Maybe she was going there for support. She asks if Lana works there. "You could say that," Lana tells her. She and the receptionist share a creepy smile that gives me what some call "douche chills." Lana leads Chloe into another room and says that she sort of is the foundation. They pass a big stack of pink filing cabinets. We're in hell! Chloe asks when Lana became such an activist. Lana blah blahs about evil Lex and how he hurt so many people and their families and friends. She says she's using her divorce settlement to fight back. She opens a door to a large office with pink chairs, pink flowers and pink folders on a table. I curse you, Smallville! I curse you with my evil pink eye! Chloe says this is a major operation. No, not really. It's just Lana and some offices, according to Lana herself. Lana says she wants to open a free clinic, start support groups, and set up a crisis hotline. Chloe says she's so proud of Lana. Please, compliment her. Where else would she get any self-esteem if not from lines like that? Chloe asks why Lana didn't tell her earlier. Lana says she wanted to wait until she'd made this real. Chloe says it's on the web and that it's already out there. Lana says grassroots is all she wants now. She asks Chloe not to tell Clark about this. It says a lot about Lana's opinion of Clark that she doesn't believe he'd ever come across this online himself. Chloe says she thought Lana and Clark were all about full disclosure. Lana says that Clark will want to protect her and will say the work is too dangerous. Chloe thinks that's a little weird. Chloe says she knows when people are bending the truth and that she's sensing a right angle somewhere in here. Lana patronizingly says, "That right angle is your imagination." She asks Chloe again not to tell Clark anything. Chloe says the conversation is off the record. My eyes! The scene still burns! I think I also need a stomach transplant.

Back at the Washington D.C. club. Kara has the nerve to go back up to Nerd Overload, who's sitting alone at his table. "Hey!" she says, rudely. He asks her to give back his wallet. How was he paying for drinks? She asks for the location of the crystal. Before he can answer, she pushes him against a wall. "Who are you?" he asks. She says the crystal wasn't in the lab. "Where is it?" she demands. He says it's there and that they never move it. "Let him go, Kara," a strong voice says. It's Clark. He's definitely not dressed for this city. He tells her to give the guy his wallet back. She gives the dude a dirty look. She hands him the wallet. Clark leads her out. Man, crazy alien women just aren't worth it, dude.

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