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Tell Lara I Love Her

Down a hall, Clark says he's been looking for Kara. She asks if he's going to give her a stern talking-to. Clark asks about the crystal. She says that's her business. Clark is mad that she almost took out an airplane and killed a bunch of people. She rolls her eyes. She says her mind wandered. Clark thinks she's going to get hurt or found out. Clark says he does care about her. Kara says that family believes in one another. Unless they're all imaginary. She thinks Clark betrayed her. Kara is mad that Clark believes Martian Manhunter over her. She says her dad wasn't a traitor and didn't kill anybody. She wants to prove that to Clark. She also wants the crystal because it's all she has left from home. Clark says he cares about that. Kara tells him that he acts like a hero, but he only ever thinks about himself. Ouch! Slam! Clark snaps that she took off and didn't tell anyone where she went. She asks if Clark needed her itinerary. She says that the fact that they're cousins doesn't mean they have to like each other. "Stay out of my life," she tells Clark. She liked him better when he was a baby. As she walks away, Clark grabs her arm. Clark isn't going to let her leave. She pushes Clark, sending him flying through an emergency exit, bending the steel doors. She whooshes away, flying up through the ceiling and out into the night sky. Sucks for non-flying Clark.

Commercials. A promo says there's going to be an exciting major twist in the Smallville saga tonight, but I'm here to tell you: that does not happen. Sorry for the spoiler.

Daily Planet at night. That globe on top of the building just keeps on (virtually) spinning. Jimmy, wearing his big camera around his neck on a strap, enters his photo dungeon. He sees Kara sitting in his chair. "Kara!" he says. The camera lens extends by itself. He asks when she got back. Kara says she just flew in. Don't even laugh. Don't even smile. Jimmy says that Clark was looking for her and was really worried. He suggests she dive into "the digital age" and use her cell phone. Kara says not to worry about Clark. She hopes Jimmy doesn't mind that she's using his computer to check something against the paper's database. This place has worse security than Lex's house. Don't they have security cameras? I'm just gonna say this once (and maybe repeat it in the future): The Daily Planet is not a city park! Jimmy says she can rev her search engine here anytime. Remarkably, it doesn't sound dirty coming from him. Jimmy jokes that it's all right unless she's hacking into a national security network. Which is exactly what she'd doing. Text starts to scroll down the screen. Jimmy freaks out, saying this is top secret (how would he know?) and that they could trace his IP address and arrest him. Kara says she used a "Torpark filter" (is that like a Tampax?) and re-routed through half a dozen servers. That's only six, Kara. Jimmy is impressed. He says she's a mysterious girl. Kara is trying to figure out who could have gotten into the lab and stolen something from there. There's a list of names and companies. One of them is "LX Dynamics." Kara asks if Jimmy's ever heard of it. He says they're a LuthorCorp contractor. "As in Lex Luthor?' she asks. Jimmy tells Kara to scoot over and he'll pull up their file. Kara scoots over and then whooshes the hell out of there. "Kara?" Jimmy asks. He's alone. Welcome to the Blue Balls Club, Jimmy. It's a membership of one.

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