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Tell Lara I Love Her

Metropolis. The Isis Foundation. It turns out that that nifty bank of computers and monitors that Lana used a while back is housed here. She goes into her digital lair and watches Lex's place. Suddenly, the monitors go to static. Because for some reason, she hooked it up through her basic cable. Lana goes to the computer to see what's up. And that's it for this scene. Oh, what a pity. This Lana stuff was so fascinating.

Stately Luthor Manor, nighttime. Kara, still wearing her red dress from D.C. (do you sleep in that, too?) whooshes into the Lair of Lex. She glances around the room. She does her X-ray vision on his shelves and spots something inside. But as she approaches it, she doubles over and begins to grunt. Agent Carter is there. He's got a set of Kryptonite-jeweled hand clamps. He uses them to clamp Kara's arms behind her. He thinks she and Lex are working together. He says he's been waiting for a chance to use these restraints on her. Kinky! Carter figured that if the meteor rock disabled the ship, it might do the same to its passenger. Nice conclusion there, Agent Eyeliner. "Tell your boss I only want what's mine," Kara struggles to say. Carter says that his boss is the United States of America. "We have some questions for you," he tells her. All of us. The entire U.S. It's gonna take a while. Carter gets her to her feet. "What the hell are you doing?" Lex asks, walking into the room. Carter pulls a gun on Lex and tells him to get back because this is a matter of national security. Lex wants official authorization. Lex says Carter is being recorded. Carter counters: "I disabled the feed." Lex says his guards will be here in seconds. Carter disabled them, too. It turns out it was just a Robby the Robot and he took out the batteries. Kara struggles. Lex asks what Carter did to her. Carter thinks Lex stole the crystal. Lex says he doesn't know anything about it. Carter says that Kara broke in the same day Lex showed up at the lab. Carter thinks Lex has the crystal hidden, but he doesn't think it matters anymore. He says Kara is the real prize. Lex tries to rush Carter, but Carter shoots him. It doesn't sound like gunfire, so maybe it was just a tranquilizer. Kara cringes. Carter tells Kara that Lex is so blinded by devotion, he can't see the threat she poses to the planet. Or this show. He leads her away. Lex lies unconscious.

Lair of Lana. Her computer screens come back up. And now she has Pay-Per-View! Rock! She sees video of Kara walking into Lex's office. Lana zooms in on the back of her head and then sees her turn toward the camera. She gets on the phone. She calls Clark to say that she knows where Kara is. She pushes a button on a remote and the walls close on her command center.

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