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Superpower Shuffle

Epilogue. The Superbeing Formerly Known as Nerdy is wheeled on a stretcher into an ambulance as his dad watches impassively. Clark and Bo walk off. Clark asks Bo what he thinks will happen to the kid. Doesn't he ask this at the end of every episode? Bo says they had problems way before any of this happened. Bo asks how Clark is feeling. "Normal. For me," Clark mopes. Jeez, never satisfied, are we? Bo has to recycle one of his nasty used platitudes. He says that Clark's gifts are a part of him, but that they don't define him. Clark says that his powers complicate all their lives. Bo says that seeing the other kid go all Destructo reminded him just how special Clark really is. He delivers this with a big southern lump in his throat. Clark smiles and says the other kid didn't get Clark's two strongest gifts: his parents. Ack. Yuck. This cheese tastes expired. Bo looks like he's going to cry.

The Fireplace of Lexitude. Lex is sitting in his favorite chair. He's calling Papa Luthor. He asks, "How's business?" Lex is drinking. Papa says that the Daily Planet is running a story about their takeover of Sir Hairy's company. Lex asks whether he was mentioned in the story. Third paragraph. "That's what happens when you trust your family, Lex," Lionel purrs, though we only hear him. Papa Luthor says he's proud of Lex. Lex sounds surprised. "Thanks, Dad," he says. "That means a lot coming from you." Lex hangs up the phone. As he does, Reporter Nixon walks in from behind. Lex tells Nixon that his expert sources were wrong about the car accident. "That's not possible," Nixon says. "So how do you explain the accident?" Lex says he doesn't care, and plans just to put it behind him. Along with Clark's underwear. Nixon complains that there's something there. Lex tells him the Kents are off-limits. "You have something for me?" Lex asks. Nixon produces a manila envelope. Lex looks a little stricken. "Nice picture quality," he says. "Who initiated this encounter? [Boobs]?) "Your father," Nixon tells Lex. Nixon leaves the room. Lex is still looking at the photos, biting his lip. He almost has tears. We see what Lex is looking at. Papa Luthor and Boobs McChesty are on a bed. Boobs is naked. Papa is on top of her, kissing her, his wild hair all over the place. Did anybody see this coming? I sure didn't. Ew ew EW! Gross, y'all. I need to wash my eyes out with smelling salts or something. Last shot of Lex. He looks stricken, hurt, and lost. Remember, Lex. Clark is only a speed-dial away.

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