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Superpower Shuffle

Theater. Crappy slow Bush song is playing. Clark walks in. Lana, who doesn't seem at all surprised to see him after the whole Pearl Harbor exit, says she was just locking up. Clark says he wanted to give the necklace back. He hands it to her in the lead case Lex gave him to give to Lana. "It's beautiful," she says. It's lead, Lana. You're easily impressed. Clark tells her it's lead armor. Can't that poison her? Lana peeks in as Clark almost takes a step back. "Is this your way of telling me I shouldn't wear my necklace?" Lana asks. Clark says he doesn't want it to hold her back. And he doesn't want his stomach to turn into jelly. Lana walks past Clark. In her stupid quoting-previous-dialogue tone of voice, she says that letting go is the only way to move forward. They go outside. Lana says he looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders again. Clark says he does. He offers to walk Lana home. She says she has to meet Jocko at the store. "Rain check?" she asks. "Rain check," Clark agrees. They say goodnight. Clark walks off alone. We crane up to get a shot of the movie theater marquee, then awkwardly to the right to keep Clark in the shot. Fade to black.

The WB still wants to sell you crappy CDs. I say you tell them to piss off.

Next week: a rerun. The week after that? Superpowers in a small town, I bet.

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