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Superpower Shuffle

Not-so-stately Kent Farm. Bo Duke's blue truck, like his career in the '90s, is stuck in the mud. He sighs fiercely and gets out. He calls out for Clark, asking for help. He passes by a bunch of bales of hay in the truck bed. Oh, I see. They're filming a Ford truck commercial. Bo asks Clark if he's okay. Clark says he's a little tired. Tired? Clark? Superman? It just seems so...wrong! Bo explains to Clark the extreme severity of the truck/mud conundrum. Clark offers a hand -- literally. He bends over next to the back of the truck and grabs the back bumper. Bo gets back in the truck and revs out. When things don't seem to be working, Clark tells Bo to hang on for a minute. Bo tries again. Mud flies. Smoke billows. "Clark, are you pushing?" Bo asks. He's just mad he never got to use that line on MamaKent in any birthing situation. Sometimes, he yells it at the cows. Clark falls in the mud, theatrically. Bo gets out of the truck, frustrated with his son's shenanigans. But these aren't shenanigans. It's not even tomfoolery or horseplay. Clark is still on the ground and he looks...hurt. Clark? Superman? I...I just don't believe it. Bo goes over to his son and asks what happened. "I...I don't know," Clark whimpers, and looks scared and sad. It looks like his nose is bleeding too, but it's hard to tell with the dark mud.

Front porch. MamaKent emerges with a clean coat for the cold Clark. Clark, looking cleaned off, doesn't know what's happening or why he's bleeding. MamaKent speculates that maybe the bleeding, like x-ray vision, is just part of his development. Wait a minute. Are you trying to tell us that Clark is having his first period? Well, I can't say I didn't see that coming. MamaKent also thinks maybe the lightning had something to do with it. Ya think? Clark asks if he's gonna be okay. The parents, wisely, don't really answer that one. At that moment, the school bus pulls up. Bo whips out his Farmer's Almanac and Daily Platitude Calendar, and tells Clark what he should do now is get to school and to give them a call if things get worse. Clark turns and tells them that he's never had to worry about being sick before. Uh, Clark? Bus? Bo sees the bus taking off and tells Clark he'd better hurry. Clark secures his backpack and makes a half-hearted jog which we see from yet another crane shot. He stops. "My speed's gone, too," he whines to his family. Well, not to fear, Clark. Soon, you can just hop on one of those Ginger "It" gyroscope scooter things and get to school in no time. Oh, who am I kidding? Even a dork such as yourself won't be caught dead on one of those things.

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