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Superpower Shuffle

American flag. We pan down, and we're in the Smallville town square. "Thanks for the ride," we hear, as Lana Lang and Jocko Whitney exit his red truck. How many trucks does this guy have? He must have the most forgiving warranty in automotive history. Lana asks if he wants to come inside with her, presumably to Nell's store. Jocko begs off, saying he has to go watch the store for his father and then run over the finances to his dad in the hospital. Jocko Dad is a control freak about that sort of thing. Lana asks how Jocko's doing. He says he can't do his homework and can't train, so he might as well kiss his football scholarship goodbye. Get used to ennui, Jocko. It only gets worse. Lana offers to help Jocko with his homework that night, which cheers him up a little. Jocko notices a For Sale sign on Nell's shop window. Lana freaks out.

Inside the flower shop, Nasty Nell -- who has a giant zit on her forehead (pardon me for noticing) -- is fielding the immediate questioning from Lana. Wearing her tight purple top from a previous episode, Nell is very nonchalant, saying she just made the decision to sell that morning. That was the fastest sign creation in real estate history. Lana asks if Nell is selling the movie theater, too. Nell owns a theater? Since when? Nell says she is, because it's part of the building. So where does The Beanery fit into all this? Lana tells Nell that the building means a lot to her. Nell isn't very sympathetic. Or able to enunciate that well. Nell says the theater's been closed, and that she can relocate to a smaller place. Lana sighs. Because that's all she can do in a situation like this. (By "situation," I mean, "acting in a role for television.")

Kent Farm. Clark is baling some hay in this beeyatch. Finally! Bo, surrounded by livestock, asks Clark how he's holding up. Clark complains that his chores take two hours instead of five minutes now. See? I knew there was some chore discrepancy going on around here. That's why I don't live on a farm: the chores. Bo empties some feed and tells Clark he doesn't have to worry about mending a fence he was concerned about until morning. He tells Clark to get some rest. Beauty rest, of course. Bo platitudes that Clark needed twelve years to get used to his abilities, and that nobody expects him to adjust to losing them overnight. Clark asks Bo how he finds the strength to do this every day. "Years of practice," Bo says, adding, "Plus I learned to manage extreme pain by working with Tom Wopat."

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