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Superpower Shuffle

Newspaper. We see a headline that reads, "Super Boy: Smallville's Newest Hero." Who were the old heroes? I skimmed the other headlines, and it's a slow news day, so don't worry about those. MamaKent tells Clark, who's standing nearby, that at least they know what happened to his powers. "Must have been the lightning strike," Bo announces. Oh, you think? Did you figure that out all on your own, or did the cows help? Bo further surmises that the meteor rock must have had something to do with transferring Clark's powers. Well, gee, after all the meteor-rock craziness of the last eleven episodes, what would ever make you think that? Clark mopes that all these years of hiding may not have been worth the trouble, what with the new guy being hailed as (and this is on the back page) "The Shit." "Everyone's fine with Eric," Clark whines. Clark walks off, wondering whether this switch is permanent or temporary. Gee, I wonder. Bo comes over to comfort Clark. Bo finds a stray platitude lying on the kitchen table and decides to use it. "You know what they say: lightning never strikes twice in the same place," he says. Wait, where is the part where you comfort your depressed son? Bo walks over behind Clark and starts giving him a shoulder massage. He says he doesn't think Clark's powers are coming back. This pesky knot in his back, however, will soon be gone forever if Clark just relaxes. Clark says that maybe being normal won't be so bad. "I mean, it worked for you and mom," he says. "Oh, thanks," MamaKent says sarcastically. Um, excuse me, but you are normal. What's the problem, here? Bo and Clark laugh. Clark asks if Bo feels any differently about him. Well, clearly the sexual attraction must be gone, right? Oh, I spoke too soon. Bo gazes at his son adoringly. He keeps doing it, creepily, even as MamaKent walks over. The look lasts so long that if you added all the duration of homosexual activity of both the Greek and Roman civilizations, it still wouldn't add up to this lengthy gaze. It is, alas, the Gayest Look of the Episode. MamaKent explains to Clark that of course they still love him. Especially Bo. "Whether you can bench press the tractor or not," she adds, in case Clark needs a mental picture to have it make sense. Clark asks what he should do now. End the scene, maybe? Bo explains that life isn't easy for anybody. Especially not a father in love. He blah blahs about the way Clark was raised and that he hasn't changed even without his superness. "You don't have to hide anymore," MamaKent says. That's right, Clark. Jump out of the superhero closet! It's musty in there! She tells Clark to have fun. At Club Zero. After Clark leaves, MamaKent asks Bo if he's relieved about all this. He says that Clark always wanted to be normal, and he got his wish. You didn't really answer the question, there, did you, Bo?

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