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Eight Deadly Sides Of Death

Out on the farm, Bo stops his tractor. He finds Clark hanging out by the wood fence looking like a cat with no legs in a room full of mice. He notices that Lana didn't stay too long. Thanks, Dad. Bo asks if Clark is all right. Clark says they're going to have to talk about what happened in the cave. Clark is upset that Bo was so careless taking the key down there. Bo says he was drawn to it. Like cows to an attentive, platitude-spewing farmer. Clark says he thought Bo sacrificed his health in his deal with Jor-El, but now Clark knows it's more than that. Bo says he's not too proud of his behavior over the last few days, but it wasn't Jor-El who wsa responsible; it was Bo. Clark asks what Jor-El is waiting for. "How do you know about that?" Bo asks. Clark just says, "Dr. Swann." Bo is mad and says it's none of Clark's concern. Bo tells Clark to let him take responsibility for his decision. "Because now we're both in [Papa Luthor's] sights," Clark says. He asks what they'll do when Papa Luthor gets the key out of the wall. Bo says the key isn't in the wall. Clark asks if Bo took it. "No," Bo says. "It's still out there somewhere."

Cut to...out there somewhere. In an ornate little lit-up case, Dr. Swann has the octagon. He stares at it. Intently. Or at least I think it's still the octagon. The lighting and reflection makes it look a little weird on the bottom. But let's just say for the sake of argument that it's still the octagon. How did it get here? How did it arrive? And who the hell really cares at this point? All this over an octagon? Are we so starved for drama on this show that we'll accept a seasons-long subplot about a metal disc? It better have the original Beatles Abbey Road recordings on it or something or I'm going to be very disappointed.

Also? The episode is over. How do you like them rotten apples? The music crescendos two extra times to really let you know that it's over. It's over! DUM DUM! Also? Dumb dumb.

A rerun of the Christopher Reeve paralysis organization PSA. It's still cute.

Next week: Who knows. Let's just hope it's not about a piece of metal. Unless it's Voltron. Then I won't mind so much.

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