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Eight Deadly Sides Of Death

The Graveyard of Fog Machine Engineer Employment. Bo is kneeling next to the his parents' graves. Clark has found him (I think we were missing some scenes back there about Bo taking off in the first place), and says they've been worried about him. Bo asks how Clark knew to find him there. Clark says that when he feels lost, he turns to his dad. It runs in the family. Bo says that his dad was the stubbornest man he ever knew, and that Bo wasn't nearly the son Clark is. Bo says they were two sides of the same coin, "dukin' it out." He said "dukin'!" Rock! Bo wonders if Jor-El and Clark are the same way. Clark says that Jor-El isn't his father; Bo is. "Yeah," says Bo bitterly. Bo accuses himself of turning his back on Clark and forcing Clark to run away. He wishes he had Grandpappy Hiram's strength and wisdom. Or his buried platitude treasure. Bo says he doesn't know how to protect Clark anymore. Clark says his job was to teach Clark how to protect himself. Clark says MamaKent needs Bo, too. He says, "Let's go home." We crane up to see the creepy graveyard as the two of them head for the farm.

Lex's lair at night. The sexy fireplace is going. He's sitting across from Lana, and they're going over bills from The Talon. Lex asks if something else is going on with her. She plays the denial game. Lex insists that she can tell him anything. Like when she lost her virginity to Lloyd Dobler. Lana turns at the door and decides to spill her guts. She carries her business purse like a four-year-old. She says she wants to believe that someone can change, but that she's starting to lose faith. She starts to cry. "Are we talking about Clark?" Lex asks. Lana tells Lex about the kiss. "He kissed you?" Lex asks in disbelief. "Why, that no-good, two-timing, little farmboy bitch!" he thinks. Lana says it's like Clark ripped off her right boob flap on a corset at the Super Bowl. "Isn't that what you wanted?" Lex asks. Who the hell knows what Lana wants? She's like an emotional garbage disposal. Lana smiles and cries at the same time. This girl is wacko. She says she doesn't know. Lex comes over and sits next to her. He says he's a little jaded in romance, but what he does know is that someone usually winds up getting hurt. Damn. Profound, Lex. Did you get that out of a history book? Lana asks if she can't trust Clark. He says it's not about trust. He quotes the German poet Rilke, who said that a person isn't who he was during your last conversation with him. He is who he's been throughout your whole relationship. All right, that is a little profound. Incidentally, Rainer Rilke's middle name was "Maria." No wonder he was so pessimistic about love. Lex gives Lana an intense stare, and I get a little uncomfortable.

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