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My Troubles Are Legion

Welcome back from winter hiatus! Hey, remember that one time when Chloe's wedding got all ruined? Whatever happened with that?

I guess Lana Lang is wondering the same thing. We open on a very faraway shot of the Kent Rural-Industrial Complex at night. Closer to the barn, we can see a sign from the Smallville High Alumni Banner Council that reads, "To the Future - Chloe and Jimmy." It's hanging outside. Unfortunately, the future kind of sucks right now. Inside the barn, we can see debris and papers strewn about. Lana wanders around listlessly, the only person there. Wouldn't some police investigators still be hanging around to figure out what happened? Lana stands, tiny, in the background. In the foreground, we see a lantern lying tilted on the floor. Uh, you wanna get that, Lana, before this whole place goes up in flames? No? Just gonna stand there and try to remember how to suppress your urge to act for this show? Fair enough. Lana actually gives a tiny, tiny shrug. Did she think we weren't looking? She pulls aside a tablecloth and finds Chloe's wedding bouquet. There's blood on it. Lana's eyes fill with tears. We hear a familiar whoosh. Clark, wearing a white dress shirt, calls out, "Lana!" Dude. She's right there. Clark says there's nothing more he can do. He's already searched three time zones for Chloe and the creature who took her. Does he think that's how many time zones there are total?

Lana, standing completely in place, asks what that thing was. Clark says that he was warned by Jarnelle that an Ultimate Destroyer was coming from Krypton. But he figured, "Meh, whatever, old man. I'll deal with it when I'm old and lame like you." Lana, who appears to be wearing a thick, oatmeal-like wig, gulps. Clark wishes the creature had gone after him instead of Chloe. Lana whines that this was supposed to be the happiest day of Chloe's life. Clark tells Lana that she should get some rest. Oh, don't worry. She's gotten plenty of that just standing around doing nothing. Lana says, instead, that she's going to the Isis Foundation. She thinks she might find some information there. Clark offers to go. Lana thinks she can help and that she's a different person from the person who left seven months ago. A person not tied down to a CW series. She says that Chloe needs both of them. It's not a brush-off, though. She and Clark hug tightly. She says she'll call Clark if she finds anything. Clark watches her go.

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