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My Troubles Are Legion

Daily Planet. Chloiac is still draining information from the database, but is interrupted by Imra, who is trying to send a psychic message. She has two fingers on her forehead and it just looks really, really silly. Chloiac blasts her with some sort of green information ray. Suck my science! Imra lies on the floor holding her ear. "Nice try, telepath," Chloiac says. "Your sadism's historic where I come from!" Imra says. Oh my goodness, please shut up, Imra. She says Brainiac's defeat is also historic. Chloiac says history's about to get a re-write. She's suddenly blasted across the room and through a window by a giant, tubular blast of energy. We see Rokk and Garth having pulled it off together. "Nice sync-up!" Garth says. "For once," Rokk says. Garth says the electromagnetism will crash any computer. Imra has a headache. The three of them push ahead to finish the deed. Imra touches Chloiac's forehead. She's unconscious. Imra picks up low-level brain activity and says they don't have much time. Rokk figures out that Brainiac was trying to suck every last byte of human knowledge, one mind at a time. So... I guess you should fix that.

Commercials. Select Harvest Light soup is throwing the smack down on Progresso soup. Watch your back, Campbell's.

Daily Planet. Imra makes herself useful by clearing off the contents of a nearby desk. Rokk lays the unconscious Chloiac on it. Garth is holding a very sharp silver dagger. [A knife? All their powers, and they're going to stab her? - Z] Rokk offers to do it. He usually carves the Thanksgiving Roboturkey. Garth says he took an oath when he joined the Legion. To cut up chicks whenever possible. "And I'm gonna honor that. For once." What's all this "For once" business? Don't bring shit up if you're never gonna explain it to us non-comic book geeks, all right? Garth hesitates. His hand shakes. Rokk looks at Imra. She shakes her head. Maybe next time we won't bring a total pussy with us from the future. Rokk says it's all right. He takes the knife. He starts to bring it down, but Clark is suddenly there and grabs his hand. If they both have the same powers, isn't it likely Clark wouldn't have been able to stop the swing? [All Rokk has is the power of magnetism. Like Magneto! - Z] "What are you doing?!" Clark asks. Er... nothing! Just, uh... giving her a tattoo. On her neck. It was gonna be so cool. You ruined the surprise, Clark. Rokk says they disabled Braniac temporarily, but that the robot will be back, soon. "Don't touch her!" Clark says. Imra tells Clark that his friend is no longer in that body. Clark looks over at all the frozen zombie people. He asks if they powered them down, too. Geez, Clark, wanna be a little more judgmental right now? We're suffering a bit of a Sanctimonium shortage. Garth says Brainiac did that. Rokk reminds Clark that the host has to die to shut Brainiac down. "Does your Legion have any principles?" Clark demands. I hope so. Didn't you inspire it? Clark says that if they have a code, the number one rule should be, "Do not kill. EVER!" Clark asks them to help. "There's a human being inside there!" he tells them. Clark thinks they can do it. Imra, leaning in close to Chloiac, says "Kal's right. Chloe's there. I can hear her." [What, they didn't check? - Z] We hear a tiny whining sound that doesn't at all resemble Chloe's voice. Rokk blinks his eyes hard. He exhales.

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