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My Troubles Are Legion

Rokk apologizes to "Kal" for doubting his methods and, you know, trying to kill Chloe. "There's always a way," Clark says, patronizingly. "Preserve life at all costs," Rokk says. He promises that'll be the first rule of the Legion code from now on. Before, it was like number 54, behind, "He who smelt it, dealt it." Rokk shakes hands with Clark. "It truly was an honor." Oh, go home and don't wash your hand for a century. He gives Clark a Legion ring and tells him he can come visit if he ever wants to meet the rest of the Legion. Are they as lame as you three? Rokk says he's programmed the ring for time travel only. "No flights. Not yet," he adds. Garth says Clark will have to fly without training wheels. Imra advises Clark to focus on 3009. They'll be there to meet him. Can we make sure Fry from Futurama is there, too? Clark says he'll stick with his time zone for a while. But it's not... a time zone isn't... there's no time element to... fuck! You goddamned big, dumb alien! Imra kisses Clark on the cheek. It tastes like cheese. They all hope to see him again. Rokk tells Clark to be careful in the days ahead. Darkened music plays. The three future aliens gather together, stick their fists in the air and face each other. "Long live the Legion," Rokk says. Their rings glow brightly and they disappear in a flash of light. Clark smiles. Thank God. He thought he was going to have to wash all the bed linens again.

Later on, Clark is sitting on the front porch, playing with the Legion ring. Lana finds him there. She says she didn't think Clark was much for jewelry. Have you seen his cock ring? It's plat'num, beeyatch! Clark says it was a going-away gift. Only he wasn't the one going away. Clark says it's weird to meet people who know exactly where you're going. They're like airline pilots in that sense. Lana doesn't believe they know everything; they really shit the bed on the Chloe situation. Clark says they didn't have human parents to teach them more than just how to use powers. Lana says their role model is different. Yeah, so it's your fault anyway, Clark. Ha ha! Clark says that even though he's gone through (eight seasons) of crap, he's just getting started. Clark brings up the part where he becomes legendary throughout the galaxy. He scoffs slightly, but secretly digs the attention. Lana tries to boost Clark. She says there's no doubt in her mind it'll happen. She thinks Clark should do it on his schedule, not theirs. He asks if they mentioned anything about her future. Lana says it doesn't matter. She thinks their destinies aren't written in a book in the future, but in our actions now, every day. Clark asks what they should write next. How about a series finale for Season Eight? Make my life easier.

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