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My Troubles Are Legion

Kent Farm. Clark, who has changed into a blue T-shirt, is still trying to convince the Legion that he's beaten Brainiac. They tell Clark that history has marked this day as the day when Clark defeats the 'bot. Garth says he flunked history and even he knows the date. Clark notices a wedding program showing Chloe and Jimmy's photo. It gets his brain gears whirring. Irma notices a disturbance in the Jello-O-like brain force. She asks why Clark thinks Chloe has something to do with Brainiac. "You think she's the host," Rokk guesses. Yes. The one with the most. Clark walks dramatically to the door, saying he'll take care of this and that they can go back to the future. Sing the Huey Lewis song for all he cares. Rokk says that if Brainiac isn't defeated, they won't have a future to go back to. Wouldn't you already have disappeared by now, having never existed? Chew on that, future guy. Rokk points to the crystal as the problem; Clark was supposed to use it to beat Brainiac, but now it's broken. Clark thinks there must be another way. Garth says the crystal is the only way to do it without killing the host. Rokk informs Clark that he's going to have to kill the host. Imra asks, "Who's Chloe Sullivan?" Clark doesn't want to answer that.

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Clark is standing by an elevated railroad track, having ducked out of the conversation at his house. It's daytime. The members of Legion have followed, flying over. We only see a tiny portion of the flying because, well, because it's expensive, frankly. Rokk asks why Clark left. Clark says he wants to do this alone. Garth wonders why they couldn't talk about this up in the sky. "I can't fly," Clark says, miserably. Garth can't believe it. He's a little heartbroken. "What's up with that?" he asks. Rokk says that obviously Clark hasn't learned yet. He asks where Clark is going. Clark plans to go to the Fortress to see Jarnelle. Clark fills them in on Chloe's history with Brainiac and how he thought she was cured. Rokk levels with Clark. He says that in the future, they've heard of Lana Lang, Lois Lane and even Jimmy Olsen, but nobody's heard of Chloe. "Then you don't know me as well as you think," Clark says. Imra, trying to make things nice, says that maybe Chloe's name was just lost to the "annals" of history. Yes, right back there. Garth translates: he says that Chloe probably doesn't survive. Clark turns and grabs him roughly by the track suit. "Chloe Sullivan doesn't die! You hear me?" he says. Garth, who just grew another chin from fear, backs off. Rokk tries to be nice to "Kal," but Clark takes off. "Lightning Lad!" Rokk says, "you might want to take your A.C. foot out of your D.C. mouth before you short yourself out!" he admonishes. Wow. What a terrible line. I guess it's the future version of, "Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self." [More specifically, the futuristic, electricity-themed superhero version. - Zach] "Grife, Rock!" Garth says. Fark! Garth wonders if they've even got the right guy. This Clark seems like a real dick. "No glasses? No tights, no flights?" Garth asks. He says that so far, Clark is nothing like the Man of Steel. Dude, tell me about it. I've been saying that for eight years!

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