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My Troubles Are Legion

Isis. Clark whooshes in, looking for Lana. Clark says that the creature isn't the main problem; they've got Brainiac to deal with. Lana knows. She tells Clark she had a visitor who explained everything. Lana is searching the power grid for any surges that would lead them to the robot. She brings up the issue of killing Chloe. What say you? "What if she's right?" Clark asks. Clark rationalizes; he says he's always put the lives of his friends before everything else, but he's struggling with weighing Chloe's life against that of billions of other people. Lana looks at Clark sternly. She says that she may have been gone a while (oh, yeah, how was Street Fighter? [Don't ask. - Z]), but the Clark she knew would never doubt himself. Are you fucking kidding me? Clark is never not doubting himself! They almost changed his name to Thomas because he's always doubting. His favorite Broadway play and subsequent movie adaptation is Doubt. His favorite movie to watch on cable is Mrs. Doubtfire! The only music on his iPod is No Doubt! Lana must be thinking of the other guy she was screwing, Lex Luthor. Lana cuts Clark off and says that her Clark would never waver. I'd pursue that thread, but can't think of enough pop culture references containing the word "Waver." Lana says Clark should save Chloe and the rest of the world. Yeah, I'll put that on my to-do list next to, "Don't renew Season Nine contract." Thanks, Lana. Clark is suddenly inspired. Lord knows why.

Daily Planet. This reminds me that Lois isn't in this episode, and yay for that. A siren blares in the distance. A worker in a suit (could it be a reporter?) is thrown against the wall and tumbles down some stairs. The thrower is Chloiac, still in the bloody dress, still looking poised for battle. She whooshes downstairs, grabs some cables out of a power cabinet, then opens up a server and sticks her hand on it. She arches her back in pleasure as the data courses through her. A screen behind her shows three green balls coursing with energy. All the screens get that symbol. A woman comes up to a worker who is hypnotized by the screen and she becomes entranced, too. Chloiac mugs for the camera, making all kinds of sinful, evil faces.

At Isis, Lana has detected a power surge, conveniently right around the corner at the newspaper. "That makes sense. It is the hub of information," Clark says. Lana's screen suddenly cuts to the green orbs. Balls! Lana goes blank. Clark pulls her around and tries to get her out of her daze. Yep. Zombie Lana is back. Lana just stares straight ahead. Clark is frustrated. But not as worried as last time.

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