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Family Ties That Bind Lex

So, wow, right? A really solid, good Smallville mythology episode that really didn't miss a step. I was beginning to think this season was going to be full of clunkers.

Let's dive right in, shall we? We open on a scene of Kent Farm domesticity as MamaKent enters the shot wearing her new Life With Bonnie business suit. She puts a nice new-looking leather briefcase up on the counter. They couldn't afford feed for the animals last week, but she can buy a knockoff Louis Vuitton? Oh, right. Last week's episode was a leftover from Season One. My bad. I'll stop bringing that up. As happy morning music plays, MamaKent calls out for Clark, who according to her MamaVoice, is going to be late. He says he's coming as fast as he can. I used to have a friend whose mom was one of those kind that cusses around the kids and lets them smoke if they want to. And when she'd call him, he'd say, "I'm coming!" and she'd yell back, "No you're not, you're just breathing hard!" I imagine she no longer has custody of her children. Clark superzips down the stairs, carrying a blue coat in his hand. MamaKent asks how he can be fast as lightning and slow as molasses all at the same time. Go MamaKent with the dual simile! Clark says sometimes he's a mystery even to himself. Bo asks what happened to the alarm clock he recently fixed for Clark. He sips out of his bovine coffee mug. Clark says he crushed the clock this morning hitting the snooze alarm. As he talks, Clark grabs a piece of bread and starts doing the heat/ejaculation thing with his eyes to toast it. How can that possibly be sanitary? Clark says he's not much of a morning person. Bo says, inexplicably, that Clark must have gotten that from his mother. (Adopted mother?) Bo grabs the toast from Clark's hand and burns himself. Fool! Bo mentions that MamaKent was late to her own wedding. Maybe she didn't want to go. MamaKent says that not all of them were trained by roosters. Ooh, veiled cock joke! Clark mentions that they're studying Greek tragedy in school. Cool: the foreshadowing has been set. Wait for it...wait for it...Clark takes a bite of his eye-jam toast. He looks at his watch. The next thing we see is Clark running out of the house, toast in hand, then zipping through the barn, out into the field and away! He comes out faster than Christina Aguilera's underwear.

After Clark is away, we pan down as the red Kent truck pulls out past the barn. Just as the truck departs, a woman with bright red hair and a long, brown coat steps out from the side of the barn. It's Blair Brown! Aw, Molly Dodd. We sure missed you. She looks around and walks toward the Kent home. She steps right in through the kitchen door as soft, nostalgic music plays. The house is fully furnished, which we've never really seen. In a hallway, she looks at a bunch of pictures on a wall next to the stairs. She picks up one of the frames. She runs her fingers over a picture of Clark in a tan coat and blue shirt. His hair is, for once, behaving itself. She takes a sharp breath of air, puts her finger to her lips, and looks over to the left.

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