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Family Ties That Bind Lex

This episode has been refreshingly alt-crap-rock free.

Clark finds Chloe at her locker and says he's glad to see her. He says they both said things they regret, but that he needs her help. She says she'd burn her press pass if it got between them. Clark says she wouldn't; it's too much of who she is, and right now, "I need it." Yowza. Chloe looks at Clark with adoring eyes.

Inside the Torch. Chloe is looking up a house record online to locate Molly Dodd, again trying to get "a hit." Clark says he was out of line talking smack about her momma. Chloe says they all have family secrets. She says her mom left when she was five. She came downstairs one day, and her dad was trying to make waffles. She never found out why her mom left. I'm game for a whole episode about that. Clark says he's sorry. Chloe -- near tears again -- says, "It's just hard thinking you weren't good enough for someone to love." Okay, I have a lump in my throat. Chloe tries to smile. Clark puts his hand on hers. "Don't ever think that," he says. Chloe looks back at the computer. There's no record of Molly Dodd. Clark asks her to look under "Lucas Luthor." She pulls up an address. As soon as Chloe finds it, Clark superzips out of there. Chloe turns, looking for him. She tilts her head to the side once it's clear he's gone.

Lex in bondage. Molly is watching the TV press conference. Papa Luthor says he's making an announcement that affects his family. Instead of going with the plan, he announces that his son has been kidnapped. Looking into a camera, he says to the kidnapper, "I will never give in to your demands." In the house, Molly moans, "No!" Papa says that if she harms Lex, he will not rest until she (he doesn't identify her as female in any way) is hunted down and put away. Lex struggles in his chair. As Papa Luthor drones on, Molly goes to a closet, grabs an axe, and brings it over. "Your father just killed you, Lex," she says. Lex yells. He rears back, kicks his legs out, and catches her in the hips. She falls back and drops the axe. Lex falls, too, banging his head on the ground. With as many head injuries as he's had, I'm wouldn't buy a lot of Lexcorp stock. Commercials!

Lex is still on the floor, unconscious. Clark superzips down the road toward the house. Do his superpowers include GPS? He x-ray-visions a house and sees a lady raising an axe. Clark zips to the house, bursts through the front door, and does a cool mid-air slide; the axe shatters to pieces as it hits his stomach. Would it really shatter? Wouldn't it just bounce off? Clark crashes into a cabinet. Molly Dodd looks at the axe handle. "Who are you?" she asks. "That's what I've been trying to tell you. I'm not your son," Clark says. She starts to cry, moaning, "No, oh no." It's actually very sad. Clark holds her as she cries piteously.

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