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Family Ties That Bind Lex

Luthor Manor. Papa Luthor is sitting down, listening to some Madame Butterfly. Lex walks in. Papa asks if it's him. "Still alive and kicking, dad, no thanks to you," Lex says. Papa Luthor says Lex is a survivor, and that Papa knew Molly Dodd wouldn't kill Lex. "Not for lack of trying," Lex says. Papa Luthor, holding a drink, says he couldn't give in to her. "Like you did all those years ago?" Lex asks. Papa Luthor slowly says that he loved Lex's mother very deeply, but that he wasn't a perfect husband. He strayed. He says he's sure Lex will be tempted one day. Lex says they're not talking about him. He asks whether Papa did sire a magnificent little bastard. Papa Luthor says he didn't know Molly Dodd was pregnant until she reappeared with a kid, saying she wanted Papa Luthor to leave Lex's mother and marry her. He says she was imbalanced and threatened him. Papa says that Lex's mom was too sick to handle a scandal. "Your altruism is inspiring, Dad," Lex says. Papa says he did what he thought best for all involved. He says he put the child with a suitable family. "Not the Kents?" Lex asks. Papa Luthor scoffs. Lex asks where the child is. Papa Luthor says that Lucas died before his first birthday. Lex gulps and looks down, sadly. Papa Luthor rubs his eyes. "I'm very tired. It's been a long day," he tells Lex. "Sure, Dad," Lex says, leaving the room. Lex pauses at the doorway, then leaves his father alone. His face cast half in shadows, Papa Luthor opens a locket. He fingers a bit of blonde hair as the music crescendos. Inside is a picture of Papa Luthor, looking very Renaissance Fair, and a fair-haired boy of about six or seven years. They're both smiling. How did Molly Dodd think Clark was her son, since he's got black hair and this kid Lucas is a blond? Did she think Clark uses Grecian Formula? The singing takes us right to blackout. End credits.

Wow. That was really good. So good I can even ignore the WB CD pimping.

Next week: Ryan's back. And he's dying! I bet we hear some alt-crap music about being a hero or bullshit like that.

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