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Family Ties That Bind Lex

The SOHO of Lexitude. Lex, in his form-fitting gray pullover, is fondling a pen while talking to Molly Dodd about his good buddy Clark. Lex says he's intrigued, but not sure what the situation has to do with him. She says she's heard that Lex and Clark are good friends. Lex looks down when she says that, perhaps making sure his zipper is up. Molly says she's been forbidden to talk to Clark (boy, does Lex know how that feels) and she wonders if he might be able to talk to her supposed son in her stead. With a small smile, Lex says he doesn't want to piss Bo Duke off any more than he already has in the past. She asks if Lex doesn't want Clark to know his real mother. Lex rotates his head around whimsically and says it's not appropriate to get involved. Molly Dodd (crazy!) says she wasn't going to bring this up, but she used to be the nurse for Lex's mother. She says she also knew Papa Luthor and they became...very close. "Aw, crap," Lex thinks as he rubs his eyebrows. Molly Dodd says that Papa Luthor got her pregnant and made her give up the kid for adoption. Man, that magnificent bastard sure does get around. Suddenly, Lex believes her. "You're claiming that Clark...that Clark and I..." Lex says. Say it! Say it! "He's your brother, Lex," Molly Dodd says. Oh.

Chloe is rushing down the stairs at school when Lana comes up behind her and catches up. Chloe is still all sniffly from her Clarkfrontation. Lana asks what's wrong. Chloe says they had a massive blow-up about secrets, privacy, and her pathological urge to satisfy her curiosity. "How are you?" Chloe says in that just-don't-give-a-fuck way. Lana, with her strange pink eyeshadow, says they can talk about her problems later. Except they won't. Chloe apologizes for dumping on Lana. "If you can't dump on your friends..." Lana says. Yeah, take it from the absolute expert. Lana takes a long pause before doing her own toxic dumping. Lana whips out the photo from last week of her mom canoodling with some bearded guy. Lana, via info from Lex, says the guy is named Henry Small. "As in the Smallville Smalls?" Chloe asks. I didn't know there was such a thing. I thought they named it for the town's median cranium capacity. Chloe asks who the hottie is hanging all over Henry. "My mom," Lana says, doing that head-nod thing that some girls do when they're trying to paint a pretty picture over their heartbreak. Chloe apologizes. For thinking Lana's mom is a hottie? Soon, all the girls will be wearing leather and jumping across rooftops on this show, just like on Birds of Prey. Lana says she thinks the guy may be her biological father. "You okay?" Chloe asks. Lana breathes strangely and half-laughs. "I think so," she says. Lana says she wants to find out everything about this guy, and she wants to know if Chloe can help. Chloe is flattered. Chloe rattles off things she could do, but suggests that the best way to know the guy is to use a piece of technology called the doorbell. Well, it sounded good at the time.

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