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Family Ties That Bind Lex

Kent kitchen. A woman in a white coat is running a swab all along the inside of Clark's mouth as Bo and MamaKent watch. I was thinking along the same lines, but I really can't say it any better than this, courtesy Chicklet0713: "This is weird; we're swabbing the inside of Clark's mouth, but we keep getting Lex Luthor's DNA..." Ethan leaves with the white-coat lady and says he'll let the Kents know about their alien loveboy. Clark starts to talk, but Bo cuts him off. He says they had to do it or they'd have been dragged into court. MamaKent asks what's going to happen when they look at his DNA. "If I even have DNA," Clark says. Bo says they're going to make sure nobody gets to analyze it. In the closed captioning only, Bo tells Clark to give Pete a call.

Metropolis at night! Oh, the pretty lights! This is also where I had to switch recordings, and the station I'm recapping from now had election results across the bottom of the screen. That would be great, but the way they did it was they pushed everything above it off the screen, so I'm seeing everybody with the tops of their heads cut off. Nice, Denver WB2News. Inside a lab, it's all blue fluorescent lighting. Is this a laboratory or a rave? A guard walks by, but Clark and Pete are so wily! They don't even get spotted. Clark somehow knows exactly where to look for his DNA sample in this spooky, blue place. He x-rays through a cabinet. His x-ray vision can pick up handwriting? Clark pries open a steel cabinet and bends it all to hell. Yeah, nobody's gonna notice that tomorrow morning. "Man, this Mission: Impossible stuff is great," Pete says, looking over his shoulder. Clark grabs his sample. Pete says he still doesn't know why Clark brought him along. "I need your spit," Clark says, holding up a tube. Whose spit doesn't Clark need?

Clark walks in to the Kent kitchen. What in the hell is up with MamaKent's breasts? They're huge! Did she steal Boobs McChesty's torso and a tight yellow top? My goodness. Put those away, lady. Clark says that nobody saw them at the lab. Bo says he's sorry. Clark says it's not his fault. Swapping spit with male friends just comes with the territory. Bo says he's going to go work on the combine. After Bo leaves, Clark asks why Dad's still upset. MamaKent says it's been rough on Bo, and that he always said that making a deal with the devil would come back to haunt them. Clark doesn't know what she means. He asks why they needed Papa Luthor in the first place.

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