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Family Ties That Bind Lex

Flashback scene! MamaKent talks about what it was like it was having a tiny supertyke in the house. The camera pans from MamaKent now to the bushy-haired kid playing with a toy space rocket. We look back on MamaKent and Bo back then. MamaKent is playing with the kid. Bo says the kid isn't theirs to keep. The kid has a 'fro! MamaKent says she believes the kid was sent to them for a reason -- Lana's magic wand that she thinks granted her wish. Bo is skeptical. She pats Young Clark on the cheek. Just then, there's a knock at the door. MamaKent takes Clark to hide while Bo answer the door. It's Ethan! And he has hair. And big, bushy muttonchops! Ethan says he saw Bo's truck out on the road and wanted to make sure they're all right. Did they hide the other truck in the barn? Bo says they're banged up but fine. Just then, Clark runs into the living room. MamaKent says the kid is strong and got away from her. "Who's the little fella?" Ethan asks. Maybe it's just me, and maybe I'm wrong, but is Ethan turning into the Gunther of Smallville? Because as many problems as I have with Friends, my Gunther love has never waned. Bo starts to introduce the supertyke, and MamaKent makes up the name "Clark" on the spot. They go into a whole made-up spiel about adopting him. MamaKent says she thought her family name would make a good first name. So she was Martha Clark before she married Bo? Ethan says he didn't know they were planning to adopt. Bo says they're private. Ethan congratulates them and says something good came out of all that tragedy. Then he goes off to shave.

Young Clark hugs MamaKent and the camera pans up her body, a red light making her shirt look like it did in the past, then shutting off to reveal the yellow top she's wearing in the present day. We pan past her boobs and the camera almost doesn't fit in the room. MamaKent reiterates that Clark was the one good thing that happened that day. MamaKent says she knew they'd have to back up their story eventually. She says they called Papa Luthor, and he arranged everything for the adoption. Clark asks why they kept it a secret if it all worked out.

Lex walks in wearing his purple shirt and black blazer. MamaKent greets him.

The Barnness of Gayitude. Lex and Clark are walking up the stairs. Lex is holding a basketball. On this show, as in the episode with Ryan, a basketball is meant to convey brotherly love. Lex asks if Clark ever wishes he'd had a big brother to show him some hoop moves. Clark runs behind Lex playfully, takes the ball, and says he thinks he's a pretty good player on his own. Lex says that Molly Dodd came to see him and told him they have some chromosomes in common. His father's. I just shuddered. "Personally, I think I got all the looks in the family," Lex says. That was good for a laugh. Clark says Molly Dodd is not his mother. Lex says he's skeptical too, and told the woman to go get a DNA test if she was so sure. Lex says he hasn't told his dad, but that he put the "extra" in "extramarital," if you know what he means. Lex takes the basketball and shoots it into a box. Lex says it only bothered him because it hurt his mother, but that not every marriage is as perfect as the Kents'. "So what do you think, Clark?" Lex asks, about their possibly being brothers. Ack. My incest filter just rose up and blocked the scene. Clark says that as cool as that would be, they're not brothers. Lex smiles sadly and looks down. It's a wistful, sad Gayest Look of the Episode simply because there's so much love in this barn.

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