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His panic (room)

The side of the road. Flares and multiple police cars with lights flashing line the scene. Wow, they're really going to do a full-scale police investigation into a car by the side of the road when the person hasn't even been missing for more than a few hours? Sheriff Cheshire tells her one deputy to start a perimeter search. It's going to take him a while. Clark shows up. Cheshire asks if Clark just fell out of the sky. "Where's Lana?" he asks. Oh, she's right here. They're just having a block party in her honor, dumb-ass. Cheshire asks when he last saw Lana. He says it was a few hours ago and they had a fight. "Lots of people in love do, Mr. Kent," Cheshire says. Not "Well, that makes you a suspect, Mr. Kent"? Cheshire says she intends to give Clark and Lana the chance to make up. Cheshire says Lana's purse was left behind, and she'd guess this was a kidnapping. So the rogue deputies didn't take Lana's purse, the one with the big spaceship blueprints in it? Nice. Clark uses his x-ray vision to examine the car. He sees a small device with a blinking light and an antenna in the wheel well. His x-ray vision can detect an LED light blinking? Clark reaches into the well and pulls out a small device. "It's a GPS," Clark tells the sheriff. "How in the Sam Spade did you know how to find this?" she asks Clark. He calls it a hunch. She tells him again that she wouldn't mind having a guy like him on the force, "instead of some of these hayseeds." Cheshire spots a serial number on the GPS. When she finishes reading it off, Clark superzips out of the scene. Cheshire can't find Clark. A deputy tells Cheshire that a silent alarm went off at the Luthor mansion and that they have Deputy Sidekick checking it out. Cheshire radios to Sidekick asking what's up. Sidekick says it was a false alarm. Isn't this the part where Lex should yell, "Help!" through the intercom as the radio signal to the sheriff is wide open? Cheshire tells her people to keep searching. She goes to her car to head up Luthor way.

Luthor Manor. Deputy Revenge asks his captives if it's getting a little hot in the panic room. He says he hacked the climate control and it should get up to 130 degrees soon. Whose heating system even goes up that high? Revenge asks how Lex's wound is doing; he knows he got Lex. Lana is scrambling with supplies to try to find something to stop Lex's bleeding. She says she can't do it. Lex says it's all right. He thinks help will be on the way soon. Lex tells Lana about shooting out the wireless scrambler. He says that if they were at the fair, he'd have won her a stuffed giraffe. Lana, close to tears, says she'd have like that more than having Lex get shot trying to protect her. Lana thanks Lex for that. Lex, weakening, puts his hand on Lana's shoulder. She asks why Lex doesn't just tell them where the ship is being held. Lex says he can't tell them the truth because they'd both be killed. He doesn't elaborate. On the monitors, Lex and Lana notice Sheriff Cheshire coming into the area. Can't they call for help now?

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