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His panic (room)

Commercials. Back when the internet was still shiny and novel, I would have thought it was cool that Harrison Ford was in a movie called Firewall. Now, it just makes me sad.

Smallville Medical Center. It's time for our weekly shot in the arm. Ow. Chloe and Clark are trying to sneak into the psychiatry wing. They stare through a glass door as Chloe formulates a plan to get in that involves hacking into a visitor's log to get guest passes that'll convince a guard eating his lunch to let them through. "I got it," Clark says instead. He whooshes through the door. I don't remember there being this much wind whenever Clark uses his super-speed. Maybe he's leaving some fart behind just for Chloe. Pheromones don't work like that, Clark. Clark comes right back. Chloe asks what he did. The guard opens up his Diet Coke and it spills all over him. Chloe laughs. "Supershake," she says. The guard gets up to clean himself off. "Not bad. Not bad," Chloe tells Clark. They make it inside.

Inside the aptly named "Psychiatry Office," Chloe and Clark have already found videotape of one of Deputy Revenge's psychiatric sessions. He's explaining about the spaceship. His arm is in a splint. He tells the wacky story about the aliens and how he could smell something burning under the car and realized it was himself. "I was burning," he says. The itching. The burning. But he didn't scream because he'd have gotten crisped even worse. In the video, Revenge insists that he's not crazy. He does so by standing up and going crazy until two orderlies grab him and try to calm him down. "He has the ship!" Revenge yells. "Lex," Chloe surmises. Clark zips out of the room before Chloe can say that Lex's place is where they must be. "Damn, I wish I could do that," Chloe mutters.

Lair of Lex. Clark zips into the scene. "Sheriff?" he asks when he sees Cheshire lying on the floor. Well, ain't that a dead sheriff. Clark just blinks in sadness. He finds the panic room with Lex inside, bleeding. Lex looks dead, too.

A warehouse near Metropolis. How many hours later is this? "All right, we're here. Make the call and get Lex help!" Lana whines. Yeah. That's going to happen. Lana asks if they just plan to get in and fly away with the ship. The plan, according to Deputy Sidekick, is just to make the ship public. They plan to use explosives to attract attention and get everybody there. Why not try an Evite? Deputy Sidekick is bitter that Revenge got sent away for telling the truth. She says they wouldn't even let her see him and she's his fiancée. Deputy Revenge is worried more ships are coming. He says this is the right thing to do. Lana scoffs and tells him to relay that to the dead sheriff. They enter the main area of the warehouse. There's lots of pretty lights, but no ship. Deputy Revenge runs forward to make sure it's not Wonder Woman's invisible jet. "Where is it?" he yells with great enunciation. Lana says it was here before. He pulls a gun on Lana. "Don't lie to me," he says. Lana telegraphs chipmunk determination. Lana pulls a lever that just happens to be next to her. Then she elbows Deputy Sidekick. A bunch of steel tubes magically roll down and clobber Deputy Revenge. He drops the suitcase he was carrying with the explosives. It opens, revealing the cliché of a one-minute digital countdown timer. Lana kick-boxes Deputy Sidekick into submission. She gets punched and kicked a bit herself until she falls down, unconscious.

Clark at the hospital. "Lex? Lex? Where's Lana?" Clark asks. He waited all the way 'til the hospital to ask that? "Get this guy out here!" the paramedic yells. "Warehouse 15," Lex manages, as he pulls off his oxygen mask. Yeah. Specific. Thanks. Clark turns and leaves without so much as a "Hope you survive that gunshot wound! Later!" He dramatically strides into the hall before superzipping out of there.

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