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Lucy Goosey

Stately Luthor Manor, at night. Lex and Clark are walking down a hallway. Lex has learned that the loan sharks want Bearer Bonds, which are impossible to trace, he says. Clark is surprised Lex is willing to deal with extortionists. Lex says he's dealt with these people before; Becker's boss is head of a German crime syndicate. Mein fleigen! Lex says that the guy has been blocking his attempts to buy a Zurich hotel through blackmail and intimidation. Lex says that if he gets Becker in custody, he'll have something to squeeze them with. "So Lucy's just a pawn?" Clark asks. Dumb-ass. Lex says he has other reasons for helping her out. Lois and Lucy come down the hall. Lucy is wearing the fugliest fur boots I've ever seen, with a short skirt. The camera doesn't mind following low. Lucy tells Lex that the guy wants to meet her at an abandoned warehouse. Clark has reservations about this whole business. Lex wishes Clark would stop being such a pussy. Lex plans to deliver the briefcase himself. It's got a GPS device inside that'll lead Lex's men to them. Sneaky. Lucy says that Becker only wants her there. "Naw. That's not gonna happen," Lex says. Shouldn't they have coordinated this before Lucy talked to the loan shark? "I'm going alone," says Lex. Try not to get kidnapped and bound like you usually do.

Lex's sweet car. Lois and Lucy are riding with him. Lois complains that the $100,000 car has no back seat. The gearshift is going up her ass. "Are we there yet?" Lucy asks. Lois snaps that she always says that on any car ride. Ladies, ladies, please! Lucy complains that they're running late. "He's not the kind of guy you want to piss off," she adds. Lex says they're close. So close that a cop is stopping them. Lex drives for a really long time before stopping. "Can you outrun them?" Lucy asks. Lex says he'll handle it. He pulls over next to a familiar-looking highway ramp that belongs in Metropolis. "Stay put," he tells the girls. Lex gets out of the car, which you should never do when you're pulled over. Lex says he knows the cop has a ticket quota, but asks that they speed things along. The cop should just shoot him for that. The cop tells Lex to put his hands up. Lex is surprised, to say the least. Lex tries to explain. "Sheeut up!" the cop says in a German accent. We can see his face now. It's the creepy dude. "Go get the bonds, Mr. Luthor," he says. In the car, Lucy starts to freak out. Lois tells her to calm down. Lex goes to get the bonds. He pulls a silver briefcase out of his trunk and walks it over. "Nice try," Creepy German says. He pulls out a bag and asks Lex to put the bonds in it. Lex gets on the ground and starts to do so, at gunpoint. "Thank you," the guy says, and then cracks Lex on the head with the gun. At least he was polite with the pistol-whip. Lois, who got out of the car completely undetected, kicks the guy in the stomach. He finds a way to grab her anyway, and drags her back. He asks Lois if she wants Lucy to be an only child. Dramatic music plays.

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