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Metal Of Horror

Stately Luthor Manor. Chloe is waiting for Lex as Manservant Huong Lo stands at the ready. Chloe tells Lex that she was thinking about what he said, and decided to side with him and ask for his help. Lex motions to Huong Lo to leave them. Huong Lo goes to Huang some laundry. Lex gives Chloe the floor. She explains about the Wall of Weird, and how Papa Luthor was interested in the meteor rocks, and how he wanted information about some of the more bizarre stuff up there. Lex says it's always been an obsession of his. He says he can't imagine that's the extent of their arrangement. Chloe says that Papa Luthor wanted her to spy on a friend. "Who?" Lex asks, playing dumb. Chloe asks whether it matters. Lex doesn't answer. Chloe admits that it was Clark. Lex asks if she did. "Of course not," Chloe says, but also admits that Papa Luthor threatened to fire her dad. Chloe says that in order to get out of her agreement, she started to dig up dirt on Papa Luthor. She says it had to be something damaging enough to blackmail him with. Lex says that was a dangerous decision. Chloe knows. Now. "I'll protect you, Chloe," Lex says with passionate intensity. "You have my word." Everybody go, "Swoooon!" Lex says that in order to help her, he'll need Chloe to tell him what she knows about Papa Luthor. She asks if he's ever heard of Morgan Edge. Lex says that before he was killed, he was the biggest crime lord in Metropolis. Lex opens up a newspaper showing a photo or Morgan. Chloe says that Morgan was also Papa Luthor's closest childhood friend. Lex obviously didn't know that.

Kent Farm. Clark is up in the loft. He gets a visit, as he does the end of every damn episode this season, from Lana. She thanks Clark for saving her from the one boy who understood her. She apologizes, for real this time. She says she should have believed Clark. Clark says he knows she wasn't acting of her own free will. "Maybe," Lana says, but she still always knew Clark was right, and she always thought he was jealous. She says that may just be the way she wanted Clark to feel. Clark sits and says it wasn't easy to see Lana with another guy. I, for instance, would rather see Lana and a huge tractor bearing down on her, or Lana being thrown from a cliff into a valley of thorns. That would be easy for me. Lana sits next to Clark. She asks if Clark isn't sure he still wants to be "that guy." Clark makes a whiny noise, and Lana says she just wanted to make sure before she told Clark that even though her compass was off with this boy, the guy still had the courage to be honest with her. She doesn't condone what Carn-Evil did, but he's still a damn sight better than Clark on the honesty front. She says it felt good to care for someone and have her feelings returned, and that she wants that again. Clark says he doesn't expect Lana to wait for him forever. Lana says that's good, because one of these days, somebody's gonna come along who's right for her. Perhaps a producer who likes pretty girls, or an executive for a clear brand of facial soap. She says she's going to want to be with that person. And Clark's going to have to deal with that. I think he'll do all right on the girl front. Clark thinks about that as we go to black. Speaking of black, when are they just going to kill of Pete already? Let the guy go be on a series that actually uses him.

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