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Another memory. In this one, Lex stands over Julian's crib. Apparently, someone put a blue light in Julian's crib, which seems like it would hurt the baby's eyes. Papa Luthor walks in and asks what his boys are up to. Lex turns around and weeps that Julian wouldn't stop crying. Papa Luthor asks Lex what he's done, and walks to the crib. He looks inside and asks Lex again what he's done. Papa Luthor starts crying, but then gets a creepy look on his face and turns around, snarling at Lex, "What have yoooooou dooooooonne?" And then he punches Lex in the face! Awesome. Back in the present, Lex falls to the floor. Papa Luthor wakes Lex up and says that he's going to call a doctor. Lex insists that he's fine, and swigs some water. Papa Luthor asks if this is a side effect of the treatment, and that Lex is playing with fire. Lex still thinks his father just doesn't want him to remember those seven weeks. Papa Luthor says that isn't it, and that it's always been Lex's weakness that he dwells in the past. Lex yells at his father to get out, and Papa Luthor leaves.

Clark walks into his house, where Ma Kent is just getting off the phone with Pa Kent. She explains that Pa Kent has to stay in Metropolis for another day, and that she didn't tell him about Lex yet. Suddenly, Papa Luthor is standing there! Whoa. Creepy. Ma Kent asks why he's there. Papa Luthor is mock surprised that Clark didn't tell her about their meeting. Clark asks for a moment alone with Papa Luthor, and Ma Kent starts to go upstairs. Papa Luthor stops her and says insincerely that he's thinking of Pa Kent struggling to take care of the farm. Ma Kent is like, "Fuck off. My husband is a good person and you are evil." Or at least, that was the subtext. She starts up the stairs again while Papa Luthor smiles to himself and then says that he misses her advice, and offers her employment. Ma Kent just shakes her head and walks away. Papa Luthor tells Clark that he talked to Lex, and that he fears that their meddling has only increased Lex's desire to continue treatment. Clark is worried that Lex will hurt himself, and Papa Luthor replies that Lex is an adult and has to make his own mistakes in life. Clark points out that Lex could become a vegetable, and Papa Luthor says that he'll just have to have Lex committed permanently. Clark asks where Lex is now.

Clark shows up in Garner's lab and asks where Lex is. Garner tells Clark to fuck off, but when Clark walks near the tank of green liquid, he clutches his stomach and looks ill. Garner notices. Clark tells Garner to stop the treatments, and Garner nods for a thug to clock Clark in the head with a nightstick. Clark, weakened, falls to the floor. Garner overdramatically intones, "You've always been intrigued with my research. Now you're going to have the opportunity to be a part of it." Man, Cummins's acting ability hasn't really grown since he was on Dark Angel. A bunch of lackeys toss Clark onto an examination table. Clark's t-shirt rides up, and then one of the lackeys grabs Clark's upper thigh in a very suggestive manner. And then another lackey starts unbuckling Clark's belt. What in the Sam Hill is going on here? Another lackey cuts Clark's shirt off. Garner gets on the horn and calls Papa Luthor to tell him that Clark took the bait. Papa Luthor says that he's done his part, so now Garner has to keep the bargain. Garner agrees that Lex won't undergo any more treatments. Papa Luthor wants them to begin studying Clark Kent immediately. And then there's fifteen minutes of people staring into the middle distance while ominous music plays. They are really padding out this episode. Not that I'm complaining.

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