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Papa Don't Screech

Lights come up in a dank warehouse. Papa gets to his feet, breathing heavily. The camera spins around him. Another TV screen illuminates. Papa asks Tinfoil if it's another game. Tinfoil says that, for this one, Papa Luthor will need a partner. Ooh, take Charles Nelson Reilly for the block! Papa Luthor sees MamaKent, trapped in a giant glass display box. She bangs on the glass, but there's no sound. Ooh, that's low, Tinfoil.

Commercials. Gotta love Subway for going the Jon Lovitz route and not the "skinny young hip actor" or "former giant dude that can now wear skinny khakis" route.

MamaKent in glass. Her tank is filling up with water, which is gushing out of a pipe. She and Papa Luthor try to communicate, but they can't hear each other. Papa spots a valve up high, but he's unable to turn it. He sees a panel on the side of the tank. Pressing a button activates a speaker. MamaKent desperately asks what's going on. Papa says that someone is playing a sick joke. He asks how she got there. MamaKent says she was in the parking structure of the fundraiser and heard a noise behind her. She begs him to get her out. Papa spots a chair. He tells her to stand back, and tries to whack the glass. It doesn't work, of course.

Papa grunts loudly, and then yells, "All right!" He tells Tinfoil to let MamaKent go; she's got nothing to do with this. Tinfoil counters that she has everything to do with this: Papa Luthor is using her to wield his influence in the halls of power. Boy, Kansas politics sure are full of excess intrigue. I wish Oklahoma's senate was like this when I covered it in college for the newspaper. Tinfoil holds up the front page of that day's Daily Planet. In the big photo of MamaKent, you can see Papa Luthor hovering in the background. MamaKent shakes her head vigorously. Tinfoil says that the puppet is as guilty as the master, and that MamaKent deserves a similar fate.

Papa asks how he's going to get MamaKent out of the tank. Tinfoil proposes a word game that illustrates how Papa uses words as weapons with double meanings: "Now it's my turn." A light comes up on a movie marquee-like sign. It reads, "a Toad like Fever." Boy, whatever happened to them? They had that one big hit in the '90s, then you never heard about them again. Papa Luthor says that he doesn't understand it. It must be one of those MTV movies, like Napoleon Dynamite, that none of the people my age seem to get. Hey, Toad like Fever...what are you going to do today? "Whatever I feel like, GOSH!" Tinfoil tells Papa Luthor to "shift [his] perceptions." Tinfoil goes offline, as he says that MamaKent's life is in Papa's hands. Presumably, he's off to go stock up on Reynolds Wrap, while it's still on sale. Papa Luthor says that he needs more info. MamaKent holds up her hands. The water continues to rise.

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