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Papa Don't Screech

MamaKent is halfway to being a drowning victim. "'a Toad like Fever'!" Papa Luthor cries. Ask for it by name! Papa's getting frustrated because it doesn't make sense. MamaKent says that it must mean something. MamaKent notices that the phrase has two capital letters. Papa Luthor starts moving the letters around. He says that it's an anagram, and that the true meaning is scrambled. "It's a word puzzle!" MamaKent screams. Yeah! All right! Now unscramble it, dammit! What's a good anagram for "This is taking for-freakin' ever"?

Chloe has somehow used her latent Star Trek skills to reverse-engineer a tracer for a powered-down bugging device. She's got weird clips hooked up to the thing and, of course, it all connects just fine with her laptop. Chloe has found a rotational code that she plans to hack. Chloe is cool and all, but bullshit, all right? I think they confused her with Chloe from 24. Clark tells her to hurry. You hurry, doofus. All you're doing is modeling your Members Only jacket. Lex tells Clark it's a shame that it takes a crisis like this to get them in the same room together. Yow. The Gay. It returns, however briefly. Clark gives Lex a small but smoldering look. It is the look of long-ago sleepovers and the scent-memory of hay and sweat mingled in the barn loft. It is the wistful Gayest Look of the Episode. Lex wonders whether, after this is all over, they might be able to find some common ground. Like a room full of very soft wrestling mats. Clark just glares at Lex.

Lex's cell phone rings. He leaves the room, saying that he has to take it. Clark goes back, and asks whether there's anything he can do to help Chloe. How about outsource her work to India? Chloe says that Clark can't help unless computer skills are among his abilities. Clark can't even figure out how a lid comes off a jar of pickles. Chloe has figured out that the signal is local from the degree of degradation. (Commonly known as the "Fox Reality TV" measure for signals.) Chloe has tracked an address. It's a Vermont Avenue address about five miles away. Clark is about to zip out of there when Lex puts a hand on his shoulder: "Find something?" Sexual tension, yes. Clark hesitates, and then says they found an address. Lex suggests that they take his Porsche; it'll be a lot faster: "Let's go." Clark and Chloe exchange impatient looks. Clark goes with Lex. AOL still wants you to check out the hunt for Dr. Fine online. I hope they're updating that thing.

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