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Papa Don't Screech

Back at the Children's Television Workshop. Papa Luthor has arranged the words "To dare Fake evil." It's gibberish. MamaKent is almost neck-high in the water. Papa loses his cool, and yells that Tinfoil wants him to fail and to watch MamaKent die. MamaKent screams Papa's name. She's flailing in the water. He suddenly keys in on the word "Fail." He's sounding out: "Fail...two mercy. Uh...greed." A newt! Sausage! Betty Crocker! Toothpaste! Toothpaste sausage! Yes! It all makes sense! "Grab. Take...take! Takeover...Failed takeover!" MamaKent is submerged in the water now. Papa Luthor yells that the answer is "Failed Takeover." He starts saying, "Apex! Apex!" MamaKent is running out of breath underwater. She's about to drown. The glass breaks, spilling her out, but apparently not cutting her up. Water goes everywhere. There's a weird stutter-cut that doesn't match up. MamaKent lies on the ground, wet. She coughs up water. Papa Luthor kneels behind her and hugs her. "You're all right," he says. "To dare Fake Evil"? Really? That's what was going to save her?

Tinfoil comes back to the screen, and mocks Papa Luthor's concern for MamaKent. He says that their relationship must be more than political. Papa Luthor backs up, but holds her hand to help her stand. She cuddles up to him. Papa Luthor demands that they be set free. "As you wish," Tinfoil says, and a stairway lights up. They start walking up the stairs. MamaKent tells Papa Luthor to wait, and asks what's up there. Tinfoil tells them, "Freedom...or death, depending on the outcome of the game." Papa asks whether Tinfoil expects them to step into another trap. Tinfoil says that they can wait there for the floor to be electrified. These games are freakin' expensive. Whatever happened to a ball gag and a mini blowtorch? An electrical cable on the ceiling breaks and falls, landing on the wet floor and, indeed, electrifying it. MamaKent hops up near Papa Luthor. They run up the stairs. A door slams shut.

Commercials. I work with a very awesome dude named "Jennings." Cool that his name keeps coming up on TV.

Papa Luthor (still in his bicep-showing wifebeater) and MamaKent (still soaking wet) enter a yellow freight elevator. "What happens next?" asks MamaKent. Ask Steven DeKnight. Papa Luthor says he doesn't know, and then says, "Nooo!" as the elevator grate slides shut, and MamaKent screams. The elevator begins to rise. There's a screen inside, just waiting for Destro-Head to come back. Papa Luthor apologizes to MamaKent for dragging her into this. MamaKent asks who that tinfoil head is. He's! Papa doesn't know. She asks about the takeover. Papa explains that APEX was an Asian consortium he used to try to regain control of LuthorCorp. Papa says that Lex found out and made a very compelling argument for him to move out. Papa says that APEX ran lots of companies and that lots of investors were ruined. "Because of you. Because of your greed," MamaKent says. You got a problem with that, Senator? Papa explains that it wasn't about him; it was about Lex. MamaKent asks whether he hates Lex that much. Papa says that he was trying to teach him hard lessons. "Why?" MamaKent sighs. Papa says he felt that, if he removed the temptations of money and power, Lex might rediscover his humanity. So Papa Luthor isn't a magnificent bastard at all, but rather a magnanimous bastard? MamaKent asks whether Papa Luthor ever just thought of talking to him, father to son. Papa is at a loss when he hears that. His mouth works, but nothing comes out. Oops. Papa, with a lot of regret, says that it might work in the Kent family, but that Lex isn't Clark. He looks at MamaKent fiercely. "I'm not the father that Jonathan Kent was." MamaKent looks pained, and says, "It's never too late to change." Tinfoil Alien pops up on-screen. "Unless you're dead," he says. Hey, that was my line!

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