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How Could You Be So Heartless?
g. It looks sort of basementy. You can hear a slightly mechanical-sounding heartbeat through most of his scenes, by the way. He makes his way over to a piece of chain link fence, talking to Becca's picture. He doesn't know how this happened to him or who did it, but now he thinks it's a gift. He affixes her photo to the fence. "I thought I just wanted to unmask the Blur, but now I know what I've wanted to do all along is kill him." By the green glow of his Jell-O pump, we see that along with Becca's picture there are dozens of articles about the Blur. "And now I can do it with my own two hands." He smiles to himself. The dischordant music tells us he's gone full-on loopy now.

Daily Planet offices. Lois is tap-tap-tapping at her old computer. The city editor from that Tori Spelling episode comes up and drops a set of papers on her desk. "I don't know how you did it, Lane, but H.R. just made it official. Welcome back." Lois looks very pleased with herself because she's a super blackmailer! The editor asks where Corben has gone. Lois thinks he's out stalking the Blur, so the editor assigns her to the ER rampage story that was supposed to be his. Lois is miffed at getting John's "leftovers." The phone on her desk rings and she answers, "Lois Lane, your first choice in reporting." Except when you're the second choice because your deskmate has been turned into a cyborg, that is. Clark's mechanically altered voice says he needs information. Lois turns into a puddle of goo. "It's you!" Clark tells her about the incident at Metropolis General and Lois is suddenly very proud to tell him she's covering the story. "Got any leads?" Clark says he thinks the man works at the Daily Planet, judging by his keys. Lois is excited: "Hey, you want me to find out who's missing their keys?" Clark says no, he just wants to know if she's noticed -- she interrupts with an enthused, "I am so on it!" Clark warns her that this man is a dangerous cyborg and he doesn't want her to get hurt. Lois gushes that he really does care about her. Clark tries to make her to focus. She swears she'll just keep her eyes open. "I'll call you at our phonebooth at seven," he says. She's sighs, "You think of it as 'our phonebooth' too?" Clark tells her to be there at seven and smiles dopily to himself. Impending death and destruction is so romantic.

So, naturally, Lois sets about doing what she said she wouldn't, which is go up to various male employees with lame stories about how she needs their keys to get into the archives or how you can tell a lot about a person by their keys, in order to find out who doesn't have his keys with him. Back at Lois's desk, Chloe is scanning through her computer and comes across spyware. She frowns and copies the information to her own drive. (The spyware would probably know she was doing that, right?) When Lois catches her, Chloe quickly says she was just checking her email. Chloe says she'd like to take Lois to lunch to celebrate Lois getting her old job back. "I'd love to, but I'm kind of already on a job," Lois says. "I'm working for you-know-who." Lois really needs to look up "confidante" in the dictionary some day. Chloe is worried and gets even more worried when Lois says she's "hunting down a real life Terminator." Chloe angrily wonders why the Blur isn't doing that himself. Lois says sometimes heroes need sidekicks and then bundles her into an awaiting elevator. Chloe looks aghast at being dismissed.

Down at the grungy warehouse of medical horrors, Tess and Stuart have found one of the alien soldiers' dog tags, as well as various items that have been pilfered from LuthorCorp labs. Stuart snarks at what a "shocker" it is that the security system was hacked. Don't make fun of your own contrived writing if you're not gonna fix it, show. Stuart is very pleased with himself for tracking down a GPS device on one of the containers. Tess does not give him biscuits or tummy rubs. She looks over bloody surgical equipment and miscellaneous devices. "This technology was meant for several unrelated projects," Tess says. She wonders what they were building. Stuart says, "Maybe it was Frankenstein's monster." He shows her a computer display of John's X-rays, which he hacked into from the hospital. Tess marvels that LuthorCorp's top scientists never thought to put these particular pieces together. Tess thinks it would be impossible to put all this equipment into one person because of the need for a massive power source. Stuart wonders why they would have given someone a "major power-up and then just let them go." Tess looks down at some schematics that have been smeared with green goo and wonders if it wasn't a test, "To see if it would work." It dawns on her that Zod might still be monitoring their test subject. "They're one step closer to getting their powers," Tess guesses. Which, granted, is a pretty cool twist on the Metallo origin story, but I wish they'd shown more of Zod's efforts leading up to it. Being told in exposition just doesn't seem to have the same umph as seeing it for yourself.

Back at the basement office where people can never do what they're told or keep themselves out of harm's way, Lois seems to have had a long day of asking people about their keys. That's what I would guess from the shot of the clock behind her and the weary sigh she gives. She sees John at his desk looking like death warmed over and asks what happened. "You try to shave in your sleep?" Yeah, with a cotton gin. He's all pale and sweaty and obviously battered but it's the tiny cut on his face that she notices. He's wearing his coat as he huddles over his computer screen. He asks why the records only go back a year. Lois reminds him there's supposed to be "banter, banter, banter." He snaps at her that he needs the records. She tells him it's a new system and he'll have to get the hard copies from the archives. "What are you looking for?" "The Blur," he says. "He didn't come out of nowhere, Lois. There must be some kind of origin story." There used to be, but I think they're just making it up as they go along, now. He heads for the archives, but says he needs to borrow Lois's keys because he lost his. That's polite of him to want to use keys instead of just busting down the doors like most villains-of-the-week would. Lois realizes what this means. She hands him the keys with a stiff smile and tells him to keep them. The Psycho music of impending doom is really distracting. Lois beats a hasty retreat for the door. John looks after her with that "I know that you know what I know you know" look in his eyes.

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