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House of Buggin'

At the Treehouse of Horrors, Jocko has found Lana and undoes her webbing, so to speak. He pulls apart the cheap Halloween crap, and she wakes up, just like that one beauty who slept in that one fairy tale. "It's okay, you're safe," he tells her, before pulling her up and half-carrying her down the treehouse and to his waiting SUV. It's no white horse, but it'll have to do. Just as they're walking to the car, arm-in-arm, 'Bones arrives (again, too late). He looks at them, pained. What, you can't smile now that the girl you love is alive and walking? You super bastard.

At the Fortress of (giggle) Solitude, Ultimate Crappy Alt-Rock Music is playing as Cheekbones takes the lead box from under the blanket and makes a decision. He goes to Lana's front door. Looks around. Pulls out the necklace as his hand starts to wither. "Whitney?" Lana calls from inside the house. 'Bones is gone in a flash. Lana steps outside, looks around, sees nothing. When she turns, there's her necklace hanging from the doorknob. She smiles and tilts her head, like, "Oh, silly necklace!" Outside, the super-stalker is watching. He walks down the dusty road toward home. The camera pans up to the sky and the stars. If only this music weren't so...ass. I have to say, it was nice of 'Bones not to give up that pretty lead box. Now he has a reason to go visit Lex again. Just sayin'.

We skipped an episode, so next week's will either be the lost "Lex is a bad bad baddie" episode, or the one about the dad from Wonder Years as Smallville's football coach and resident psycho. We'll just have to wait and see.

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