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House of Buggin'

Rock music. Truck drivin'. This time it's Jocko, in his Ford truck. We cut to Bug Boy, who is using his newfound bug powers to scale a tree. Bug Boy waits in the eaves and then, just as Jocko's truck is passing, he leaps onto the roof and starts banging the ceiling in. Jocko looks around. Suddenly, the banging causes the window next to him to shatter and collapse, and the whole truck to flip over. So dire are these violations to the laws of physics that ashamed scientists everywhere have guns to their heads right now. (If it were an SUV, I'd have believed it.) We see Bug Boy standing in the road, looking triumphant. He pops his neck by crooking it to the side. We see Jocko inside his truck, unconscious.

Bug Boy turns in time to see the Kent family truck approaching. They replaced their General Lee-colored truck with a blue one. "Oh my God! Jonathan!" Mama Kent cries, and this will be about her only line in the entire show. Apples fly all over the back of the truck as Bo Duke swerves, pulling over. Cheekbones is out in a flash while Bo digs behind his seat for a fire extinguisher. Who do you think will prove more effective in this rescue? 'Bones yanks off the windshield and drags Jocko out of his seat. We see leaking gas and fire. "Clark!" Bo Duke yells, and suddenly there's an explosion. But it's okay. Clark is hugging Jocko from behind (keep your jokes to yourself, thank you) and uses his body as a shield. The fire looks incredibly fake and hokey and envelops them both, raising the question: what was shielding Jocko from the front? Force field? Sure. Clark can't even keep himself in bed at night. Ma and Bo start yelling for Cheekbones after the explosion. They find 'Bones huddled over Jocko. Bo puts a hand on 'Bones and it comes away, sizzling like a fajita. The two crispy critters are fine. Even their clothes are unburned. Bo Duke beams.

On the Kent moo-cow farm, Bo tells Cheekbones, out on the porch, that Jocko has a few cuts and bruises, but will be fine. Conveniently, Jocko doesn't remember what happened. Cheekbones tells Bo that he needs to talk to Mama Kent because she's freaked out about the whole thing. "She's also very proud," Bo croaks. 'Bones uses this moment to reveal that something else happened to him that morning: when he woke up, he was floating. "Floating," Bo Duke repeats, looking a little freaked out himself. I bet he's wondering how easy it would be to be one of those Papa Was a Rolling Stone daddies and just book it to St. Louis. Cheekbones asks what's happening to him. "As soon as you start breaking the laws of gravity, we're definitely in uncharted territory," Bo says. "I just wish it would stop," Cheekbones mopes. Bo says that he may not have the answers, but that they'll figure it out. Together. 'Bones says he's scared, and walks off.

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