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House of Buggin'

Out on the Kent farm, Cheekbones is leaning against the rail fence, holding the black box. He slowly opens the box, and as the Music of Doom plays, his hand becomes old and wrinkled. 'Bones gets scared and closes the box. His hand heals quickly with a "whoosh!" sound effect. I just noticed he's wearing a red checkered tablecloth-looking shirt. Cheekbones looks around, frightened, to see if anybody saw what happened, and then hightails it back to the barn.

In the barn, Cheekbones looks up and sees Lana using his telescope from his spying perch. She must totally see that it was pointed directly at her bedroom window. 'Bones hides the box under a blanket and some hay. "Lana," he says, all smoothly, as if her being here doesn't raise the Little Superman in his pants. Lana explains that his mom said she could wait up there. Smooth, Mama Kent -- very smooth. Lana says 'Bones has an amazing place. 'Bones replies, "My dad built it. He calls it my Fortress of Solitude." Ugh! Yuck! Oh, man, this is the worst-tasting cheese ever! Lana asks about Cheekbones's interest in astronomy, and notes that you can see her house from the barn with the telescope. "No! Really?" 'Bones improvises. He's a terrible liar. Cheekbones says they've lived a mile apart all their lives, and she's never visited. He wants to know why Lana's there. She says she knows about the scarecrow thing and Jocko. She apologizes. "It's not your fault," 'Bones tells her. He assures her that she's not the one who should be apologizing. Lana says she's there to see him. He asks how she found out about the whole saving-Jocko's-life thing. "Lex," she answers. Lex is the best friend a guy could ever have. She says she followed Lex's bread crumbs. "He was just being a good friend," she tells him. Cheekbones smiles, big-time. "Oh, Lex is definitely one of a kind," 'Bones beams. Cheekbones asks what she's going to do. She doesn't know, but also complains that Jocko even lost her favorite necklace. 'Bones eyes the space where he hid the black lead box. Lana explains that the necklace comes from a fragment of the meteor that killed her folks. Nell made her the necklace and gave it to her on the day Nell adopted her. She goes on and on about life change and I've tuned out. Then she leaves. Cheekbones looks after her as if he wants to give Lana the necklace. But, alas, he chickens out.

Bug Boy in the shower. Using what looks like a brillo pad, Bug Boy starts rubbing his skin, and ewwww! Big chunks of unconvincing-looking skin peel away from his face. I flash back to the hallucination from Poltergiest and remember that was much scarier. Chunks of skin hit the floor of the shower as Bug Boy molts and tears at himself. The creepy music plays. Bug Boy smiles.

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