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Back at the Kent home, Clark asks, "Level 3?" That's totally the level where you get drive the tank through Berlin. Busey is surprised that Clark has heard of it. Clark says it's a secret research facility at LuthorCorp. So secret they're all standing around talking about it. Busey says he's been there. He says that there was gourmet food, satellite TV, and a green cocktail injected in his neck three times a day. That sounds kind of kick-ass. Busey says that the experiments were to amp up what he and "The Wonder Twins" could do. They cut him off and shipped him to Belle Reve. Now he's got the Kryptonite shakes. Busey tells Clark he's going to have to break into Level 3 and get them some serum or there'll be trouble. The killing kind of trouble. Clark asks why they can't do it themselves. Busey says there are defense systems to keep out people like them. But if what he's heard is true, Clark should be able to waltz right in. Lana looks at Clark curiously. Busey looks out the living-room window, and we see a familiar red truck driving up. Clark gulps.

MamaKent and Bo grouse outside about Clark not bringing those nails back. They enter the house as Clark pretends to move some planks of wood around. Bo asks what happened with those nails. "I got sidetracked," Clark says, lamely. "Where's Lana?" MamaKent asks. Clark turns, looking horrified. Damn, Bo, get a haircut. Clark says that Lana isn't feeling well and is lying down. MamaKent asks why Clark's shirt is inside-out. Bo chuckles, "I think I'll go check on Lana myself." Gross! Clark stops Bo with a hand on the chest and whines that they never believe him and why can't they just back off? "What's gotten into you?" MamaKent asks. Busey and Co. ruin the ruse by coming out; Busey admonishes Clark for talking to his mama that way. Bo asks what's going on. "Pipe down, old man!" Busey tells him. Bo gets hellaoffended and tells this "fella" that he doesn't know who the hell he's talking to, but -- whups, a fireball to the chest. Bo goes flying. The Festers shiver. Clark asks Busey to stop, and says he'll do what they say. Busey gives him two hours to return with the serum or he'll make a "family barbecue." Crispy.

Commercials. Kids love Chex cereal, apparently.

The WB recaps the action so far. Clark and "everyone he loves" has been taken hostage. Right. Got it.

LuthorCorp. Chloe and Clark, riding in Chloe's VW convertible, pull up to within sight of the building. Lex's security team sure won't notice a bright red car sitting out in the open near this top-secret facility. Clark says that the serum is hidden somewhere on Level 3. Chloe asks if they can just call Lex and get his help. Clark says he tried calling, but that Lex is en route to Washington D.C. on business. Chloe says she's always up for some Misson: Impossible. She pulls up a rugged-looking laptop and shows Clark some computerized blueprints: the Level 3 area was closed a year ago and turned into storage. Chloe says she couldn't find "Top Secret Evil Lab" on the schematics, but that she did find a big blank area that she says "someone forgot to pencil in" on the plans. Chloe and Clark exit the car. She opens her trunk and it's Clark's time to say, "Whoa!" Chloe's trunk is full of electronic gadgets and mondo spy gear. She says she likes to come prepared. "Where'd you get all this stuff?" Clark asks. "Ebay," Chloe answers. I think starting a garage band might be the only thing that could make Chloe any cooler at this moment. Doofus Clark picks up a canister and asks if it's a flash grenade. Chloe asks him to be careful and says it was a graduation gift from Lois. She's saving it for a special occasion. Like later in the episode. Clark asks why he didn't know about this stuff before. "We all have our secrets, Clark," Chloe says with a sly smile.

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