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Losin' It

Two guards in a golf cart roll casually about the industrial complex at midday. It's such a pleasant afternoon. Who needs to think about crime at a time like this? Chloe and Clark pop up from behind an angled structure, Clark wearing the brightest red shirt that can be purchased by humans. The color of the shirt itself would show up on any radar. There are aliens monitoring the Earth who are yelling, "Ow! My eyes! What is that?" Clark and Chloe jog out in the open toward wherever it is they're going. This isn't exactly Navy SEALS-level work.

Down some stairs. Chloe tells a worried Clark that they still have a few minutes before the guards roll back around. Clark asks if Chloe's sure this will work. She asks if he has a better plan. Clark whines that, normally, he'd bust open the door, super-speed past the security cameras, and open the vault with his heat vision. Then he'd go home and take a hero's dump. Chloe gives Clark a hilarious look and says that what he's saying is that he now has no useful skills. "Not so much," he says. Awesome. Can we get Batman up in here? Chloe has Clark hold her laptop as she opens it up, and says that she finally finds a superhero and this is what she gets. Clark suggests that Chloe hack into the security system and loop the current security camera image over and over. Yes, Clark, we've also seen Speed. Chloe says that would take hours. She says that sometimes it's easier if you just...she hits "Enter" on her laptop and shuts down the power. The hydraulic door next to them hisses open. They've made it in.

Kent farm. A sheriff's cruiser is pulling up the driveway with its siren and lights going. In addition to Speed, we've also seen Misery. Busey thinks Clark called the police, and surmises that Clark doesn't love his family very much. Lana says that they'll get rid of the sheriff if the guy will just not freak out. "You'll know when I freak out," he warns her. There'll be chewing tobacco stains and little packs of mayonnaise everywhere! Freaky! Busey grabs MamaKent and tells them that if they don't get rid of the sheriff, MamaKent will be "toast." Ooh, can I be waffles? Thundering music plays as there's a knock on the door and Bo goes to answer it. The window around the front door has painter's tape on it. Bo opens the door, and Sheriff Cheshire steps through and starts looking around, without being invited in. She apologizes for bothering them, but explains that "three real mean cusses" escaped from Belle Reve, and that their car was found about a mile from the Kent farm. Bo and Lana, standing side by side, try to project total fear in their body language. Cheshire, who looks a bit droopy-haired without her hat, seems to pick up on it a bit. We see Busey grabbing MamaKent by the neck in another room. Cheshire asks about her. Bo takes a long, long pause, and Lana fills in by saying she's still at the barn-raising. Cheshire casually says that she was just there and didn't see her. Oh well. Bo looks extremely pained. Cheshire excuses herself. Just before she leaves, she stops and says, "Wait a minute..." Everyone freezes. "Is that coffee I smell?" she asks. Bo smiles. Lana looks like she's going to vomit up some actual toast.

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