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Losin' It

Clark Kent is crawling through an air duct. I'm waiting for an ironic shot where they pan out and he's in the intestinal tract of a giant gerbil. Clark is wearing a headset and talking to Chloe, saying very loudly that there has to be another way to do this. Chloe says that Clark has to get through the air vents to undo some locks for her from the inside. Chloe, her laptop hooked up to some security software, is leading Clark to some sort of airlock. She tells Clark to take a left. He stops. She repeats it. He looks pretty winded. He tells Chloe he's going in circles. She tells him he's not; it just looks that way. Clark says it's impossible, and that it's a million degrees in there. "Gosh, Clark, I didn't realize superwhining was one of your powers," Chloe says. Delicious. Clark tells her that Pete was a lot better in these situations. "Pete!?" Chloe exclaims. Clark hits his head against the top of the air vent. Chloe is annoyed that Pete knew Clark's secret. Clark explains that he had to tell him when Pete saw his ship. "Wha? Pete got to see your spaceship!?" Dig your hole deeper, Clark. An alarm goes off. Chloe thinks Clark must have tripped a sensor, causing bad things to happen. Clark asks what he should do. Chloe: "Go, go, go, go, go!" Clark goes. Grated metal slides start coming down all around him. One closes in front of Clark. He goes left. A panel opens up below him, and Clark dangles high up in the air. He swings as Chloe asks if he's all right. "Yeah. Super," he answers.

Kent home. MamaKent is still being softly held by the brutish Busey. Cheshire is complimenting Bo Duke on the coffee and not asking why Bo is alone in his house with Lana. Bo asks if Cheshire minds if he finishes the rest of his chores while there's still daylight. Cheshire says she'll get going. She notices a pack of cigarettes on a table. Lana tells Cheshire they're hers. She says she started after the meteor shower. "Nerves," Lana explains. "Acting," I advise. Cheshire suggests that Lana quit before they kill her, and lets herself out.

Outside, Cheshire calls on her shoulder walkie-talkie for all units to be advised of a 1011 in progress. This could turn into a real 12, if you know what I mean. "Oh, Sheriff!" Busey calls from inside. Shouldn't she have played it just a tiny bit cooler? Up on the porch, Busey somehow draws electricity from a wood beam and shoots a pinecone ball at Cheshire just as she's reaching for her gun. She goes flying the requisite thirty feet and over the police cruiser. Bo leaps off the porch horizontally, doing a major "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka move on Busey. Seriously, Bo, just based on that, I'd say you're WWE material. Lana yells, "Mr. Kent!" distracting Bo just long enough for him to get punched in the face by Busey.

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