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Commercials. Domino's still sells pizza and it still makes comparably shitty commercials.

Smallville Medical Center. Papa Luthor, feeling much better, is sitting up in bed, reading. He frowns. "Good book?" someone asks. Papa lowers his tome, and we see Lana standing in the doorway. Her very long hair is down. "I prefer nonfiction," he tells her. "Much more exciting." He takes off his glasses and says that he heard Lex made it out unscathed. "You must be thrilled," he says, dryly. "Both the Luthors alive and well." Lana closes the door. She says she's not there to talk about Lex. She wants answers. She reminds him that he threatened Clark's life, then claimed that he was protecting the farmboy. "What the hell is going on?" she asks. So many times I've wished for characters on this show to ask that very questions. How rarely this actually happens. Papa takes a moment. He says that Clark is a very lucky young man to have someone love him the way she does. Lana is guarded. Papa says that Lana's love is the only thing he could use to keep Clark out of harm's way and her close to Lex. Lana doesn't understand. Nor do I. "What harm?" she asks. She asks what Lex is doing and why she's a part of it. "You must trust me, Lana," Papa says. He tells her Clark's life depends on it. Lana wonders aloud how MamaKent would react to knowing Papa Luthor used her son's life as a bargaining chip. Papa considers that. "Tell me what you know," Lana says. "Wow," Papa says, impressed. He says Lana has embraced wholeheartedly what it means to be a Luthor. Lana keeps her mean face on. She's not insulted.

Chloe and Clark out at the tunnel crime scene. Clark says he's X-rayed the tunnels time and time again and that they all seem to lead only to Reeves Dam. Chloe thinks something's going on for Lex to have gone up against "Tomb Raider." Clark doesn't know how Chloe knew to come out here. She reveals that it was Lana who found the location. Clark admits that he no longer believes Lex forced Lana to marry him. Chloe says not to drop that theory just yet. She says Lana knew the other entrances to the tunnel the whole time but didn't produce them until she heard Clark was down there. That's not entirely true, so I'm not sure why that information is being rehashed. Lana didn't see the plans until Chloe walked in on her. "Lana was gonna let Lex die down there?" Clark asks. Chloe says simply that the mansion has more secrets than they realize. Clark has a lot to think about. His brain is already heating up just thinking about that.

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