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The tunnel of destruction. Clark manages to pull himself out of some rubble, but he's still weak from the Kryptonite. There's still light and flashing sparks. Clark wanders around, back to the interrogation room. He calls for Lex. Lex, groaning, is all right. He asks what Clark is doing here. Clark says Papa Luthor sent him. "He's alive?" Lex asks. Clark just nods. Lex notices that Clark got through when no one else could. Just like with your heart, huh, Lex? Clark says that nobody else is trying to get through; the rescue was called off on account of explosives. Something rumbles around them. Oh, that's just hormones. Lex looks at a nearby timer and says that the whole place is scheduled to blow up in 14 minutes. It'll be like 24! Clark asks if there's a way to deactivate everything. Lex says that if Clark is an expert in plastic explosives, he can be Lex's guest. How about rubber toys? Would that help? "Come on!" Lex says, as he gets ready to leave the room. We see a close-up of Clark's left hand. It's dribbling blood. Lex gulps as he notices. Those vampires back at the hospital would really love to chew on that. Clark looks at his bloody hand, then notices a piece of rubble jutting out of the back of his arm. Lex's whole world, like the tunnels around him, is just crumbling.

Stately Luthor Mansion, minus Lex. Lana enters the Lair of Lex, carrying the metal briefcase. She sets it on the desk, turns up some classical music loudly on the stereo (did she forget this room has surveillance cameras?) and takes an ornate handgun out of a velvet-lined wooden box on the shelves. According to Mathematician on the forums, the music is from the opera Tannhäuser. As the music swells, she cocks the gun and fires two shots at the briefcase. But that briefcase has a wife and three little satchels! Lana opens the case and rifles through some mail ("You may already be a millionaire!") before she finds a CD conveniently labeled, "Project Ares." It's their first EP, from back when they were just called "Ares" and had a female lead singer. Try not to judge it on first listen. Lana shuts off the music, puts the gun back, and gets to investigating. She pops the CD into Lex's laptop. A video comes up. It's a woman talking to the guy filming. She's got on an Australian Outback-issued floppy hat and says that she's in Patagonia, the most beautiful place on Earth. Just wait. It won't be so beautiful when your blood's all over the countryside. She hears something growling. "What is that?" she asks. The camera moves to the side. We see something dart across the frame. One of the scary Phantoms From The Zone attacks the cameraman. He screams. The woman screams. The camera falls. Blood splashes the lens. Lana shits a small pink brick. That was a scary video.

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