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Flower Power

I hope you're all hungry this week, because it's time for some glorious, delicious cheese.

We open on some back road with lots of trees. We get an overhead shot of a red SUV hauling ass down the road. Loud crap rock is playing. I think it's after winter, when Kansas looks especially Vancouver-esque. Inside that vehicle, a nervous, dark-haired guy is driving while a very fake-looking, spiky yellow flower sits next to him. Tragically, the flower isn't wearing a seatbelt. We have those laws for a reason, you rogue flower, you. Nervous Guy is further flouting highway safety by talking on a cell phone. He tells whoever it is on the phone that he's James Beales and he wants to talk to Papa Luthor. (He doesn't actually call him "Papa," so we can put away those momentary suspicions that he might be a bastard child.) Nervous Guy says that Papa Luthor is expecting his call. Cut to the hauling-ass truck exterior shot. Cut back to a Hawaiian girl doll on the dashboard and the wipers moving even though there doesn't appear to be any rain. He yells into the phone to get Luthor out of whatever meeting he might be in. He yells that he won't hold, and that whoever's on the other end should tell Papa Luthor that Nervous Guy found something. He casts a sideways glance at the silent flower. Then he yells some more. Nervous Guy has just become Road Rage Man. He slams the cell phone on the dash and drops it, disgusted. He pushes the gas down harder. We cut to the outside and see that he's fast approaching the back of an old blue truck.

Cut to the inside of that blue truck. Bo Duke takes his hand off the car radio, which is gloriously playing the opening verse of the Waylon Jennings's Dukes of Hazzard theme. Bo taps the dash and the steering wheel, clearly grooving. First off, I'm gonna take this as a shout-out, however undeserved it may be. Second, God bless poor, footless Waylon Jennings, who died recently. Those shout-outs aside, let it be known that this is a complete and perfect moment of pop-culture synthesis. Let us just bask in it for a moment, shall we? Ahhhh. Moving on...

Cut to outside. The truck is fast approaching, flashing lights, horn a-honkin'. "What's your hurry, pal?" Bo Duke yells, to no one in particular. He seems to have shaken off his dead-cow grief from the last episode pretty quickly. "Woah woah woah!" and "Hey!" Bo Duke says, as the truck gets closer and then finally starts hitting his back bumper. I'm not gonna say anything about whether Bo is prone to having his back bumper bumped, but he doesn't seem too pleased about it, which seems to mesh with what we've heard about his sexual orientation. "Move it, already!" Road Rage Man yells, and speeds up to hit Bo's truck really, really hard. Bo pitches forward in his seat.

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